dcl obsessed
dcl obsessed

dcl obsessed

Do you love Disney Cruise Line? Do you think about cruising in your free time? Do you only cruise with Disney? Do you search for cruises just for fun? If you do any of these things you may be obsessed with Disney Cruise Line. Don’t worry, it’s a good thing.

Let’s talk about the top ten signs that you are obsessed with Disney Cruise Line.

  • Planning Activities – Do you plan out what you’re going to do before you get on the ship? My family’s next cruise is a short one, especially compared to our first seven night Alaska. With so little time and so much to do we’ve been planning out what we’re going to do, when we’re going to enjoy quick service food, and when we’re going to hit the gym. We’ve been doing this for the last month or two, and our cruise is still two weeks away. Do you at least make a rough plan, too?
  • Researching Cruises – Do you spend your free time researching cruises even when you’re not planning to book one? I love to look at cruise itineraries are dream about the trips that I could take, ships that I could explore, food that I could enjoy
  • Daydreaming – Do you spend time daydreaming about your last cruise, even when you should probably be doing other things? Do you find yourself sitting at work thinking about what it was like to be aboard the ship instead of in your office? I love to sit back and think about how relaxing it was aboard the Wonder. Thinking about all the amazing food that we enjoyed. Thinking about how carefree the whole experience was.
  • Looking at Photos – Do your friends cruise with other cruise line? When they get back from their trip do you compare photos from their cruise to what you had on your cruise? Disney is unlike any other cruise line, so there’s a lot to compare.
  • Only Disney – Do you only sail with Disney because they’re the best. I have talked to many people who have sailed with Disney and will not sail with any other cruise line afterwards. Disney is known for its service at the Parks and that standard service may even be exceeded by those aboard the Disney Cruise Line ships. The service is amazing, the food is amazing, and all that’s included is amazing. Clearly only sailing with Disney proves you’re obsessed, right?
  • Outrageous Cruises – Do you spend time looking at cruises you’ll never be able to afford? I do, too. It’s just like looking at Disney World trips that included stays at the Grand Floridian for 30 days. All of Disney’s cruises are affordable when you really think about it, after all, you can make payments. You can also make that outrageous cruise your only trip for a few years. You know what I mean, though, you will mostly likely end up not taking that cruise. It is fun to dream though.
  • Stateroom Door – Do you think about how you’re going to decorate your stateroom door on your next cruise before you’ve disembarked from your last cruise? On our last cruise we decided not to decorate our door, but before we even got off the ship we knew what we were going to do for our next stateroom door. Do you know how you’re going to decorate your door on your next cruise?
  • More than One – Do you have more than one cruise booked at the same time? Before my family left for our first cruise we already had a second cruise booked. There’s nothing better than having another vacation booked for the future, before you even leave for your current upcoming vacation!
  • Booking On board – Do book your next cruise on board a cruise? It’s a great way to get a discount and it helps you to not get the Disney blues when you disembark. Booking on board means, that not only do you have another trip in your future to look forward to, but it means that you just can’t get enough.
  • Convincing Others – Do you spend time trying to convince others to sail with Disney, regardless of cost, because it is more than worth it? Some people just can’t see it, but once you’ve sailed with Disney you know that nothing else with compare. So keep it up!

Are you obsessed with Disney Cruise Line? Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments!

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My name is Miriya Whitaker, I am a travel agent with World of Magic Travel, a writer for Chip and Co and Disney Addicts, and I am obsessed with Disney Cruise Line! I would be more than happy to help you figure the right cruise destination for you, as well as when the best time is for you and your family sail, and to help you plan and book your next magical vacation! Contact me at miriyawhitaker@worldofmagictravel.com to start planning and follow me on Facebook for more Disney and travel information!

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