Top 8 Animal Kingdom Attractions and Rides for Expectant Mothers

Authors Note: Double-Check Pregnant friendly rides before hopping on! Simply ask the cast members if you are concerned!

Going to Walt Disney World whilst pregnant is nothing new. You don’t stop having fun just because a baby is on the way! One minor headache is navigating what rides you can and cannot go on. Luckily for the mothers reading this list, Animal Kingdom has plenty of rides you can enjoy that, according to the Walt Disney World Attractions & Rides website, should be safe for momma and baby.

  1. Trails – These attractions simply meander through trails and give visitors a glimpse of the vast variety of animals that Animal Kingdom has to offer!
    1. Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail
    2. Maharajah Jungle Trek
    3. Discovery Island Trails
  2. It’s Tough to be a Bug!
    • If you’ve never experienced ‘It’s Tough to be a Bug‘, it’s more of a viewing experience. Enjoy sitting down and watching Flik explain to you all the work that bugs put into making our lives easier!
  3. Na’vi River Journey
    • This relaxing water-ride is a calm, cool and beautiful experience. It’s a great place to hide away from the hot sun and cruise along at a gentle pace.
  4. Tree of Life
    • Looking to slow down the pace of a sometimes busy visit? Take your time and wander around the Tree of Life. It’s a great chance for you to take in all the details that have been put into such an iconic feature.
  5. Fossil Fun Games
    • Carnaval games galore!
  6. Dino-Sue
    • Okay, okay – it’s a Replica. But Dino-Sue pays homage to Sue, who was a real-life fossil of a T-Rex that had over 90% of its bones recovered. Marvel in the size of a creature that walked the earth!
  7. Conservation Station – Veterinary Treatment Room, Nutrition Center, Amphibian, Reptile and Invertebrate Windows, and a Science Center? This place is a wealth of knowledge and an animal lovers’ dream!
    1. Wildlife Express Train – The train that takes you to the Conservation Station
    2. Affection Section – Looking to dote on some beautiful creatures? Check out the Affection Section for a petting zoo! The only petting zoo at Walt Disney World
  8. Triceratops Spin
    • Whirl at a gentle pace on Triceratops Spin. A timeless ride found in different variations throughout Disney parks!

Rides to Avoid: Avatar Flight of Passage, DINOSAUR, Expedition Everest, Kilimanjaro Safaris, Kali River Rapids

Picture/Information: Disney

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