Should Disney Allow Mask-Free Photos at the Parks?

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Should Disney Allow Mask-Free Photos at the Parks? 1

If you’ve been to Disney World since the reopening in July you know that masks are mandatory pretty much everywhere. Disney has been very strict on enforcing this rule. Guests must be eating or drinking while stationary and socially distanced in order to remove their masks. This also means no pictures without a face covering. This rule leaves a lot of guests wondering if Memory Maker is worth it to purchase. Some guests really don’t love the idea of all their photos including masks. Should Disney change this rule? Personally, I believe this rule could be slightly changed and mask-free photos should be allowed. Let’s discuss…

Safety- In my opinion, I believe there is a way for guests to be socially distanced enough to quickly remove their masks for a photo. If guests can do this eating or drinking, I don’t see much of a difference. The Cast Members who enforce the rules could also let guests know if they are distanced enough for maskless photos. Now, of course, some guests will take advantage of this, but that’s why Cast Members are there to enforce the rules. I think mask-free photos could be safely taken outdoors if there was protocol in place.

Should Disney Allow Mask-Free Photos at the Parks? 2

Iconic Landmarks- Another option for safe mask-free photos would be to only allow them in designated areas. One example of this could be in front of the iconic landmarks of each park. Most people believe the iconic landmarks to be Cinderella Castle, Spaceship Earth, the Tree of Life, and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Photo Pass photographers are already stationed at all of these spots, so it would be easy to implement social distancing and also be an added benefit to purchasing Memory Maker. Even if Disney only allowed maskless photos to be taken by Photo Pass photographers, it would be a nice compromise. Another option would be to have designated selfie areas.

Should Disney Allow Mask-Free Photos at the Parks? 3

While the safety of Cast Members and guests are the top priorites of Disney, there are definitely ways to regulate mask-free photos and allow them to be taken safely. I also think that Memory Maker purchases would go up as a result of changing the protocal. Until then, there are many fun ways to take photos with masks!

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  1. No!!!
    This is our life right now! Embrace it! To be honest, some of our best Photo Pass photos were taken this week with our masks on. I have a mask to coordinate with each outfit!

  2. No!!! Masks should remain on for photos! We are in a pandemic and going to Disney is a choice, not essential. Don’t be part of the problem. Keep the mask on!

  3. YES!! I couldn’t agree more with you. Guidelines have clearly stated that it is to be a mask OR 6 feet distancing. Not both. This is definitely a compromise that everyone could benefit from. If you do not want to be around someone without a mask, stay clear of those areas. If you are scared or feel threatened by Disney, then that is not the place for you to be. I work in a level 1 trauma hospital working with covid patients and those numbers are rapidly decreasing. This is not our life right now and no need to embrace it.

  4. I 100% believe YES!!!! If you are safely distanced from others and outdoors I do not see how there is ANY issue at all!!!

  5. No because people will abuse the privilege just like they did waiting in line and thus WDW stopped allowing eating and drinking while in line.

  6. I agree with you, and I believe they already allow mask free photos at Universal, but I know the opposers are louder.

  7. I think if your at a safe distance and it’s a Disney Photographer taking the picture or maybe on a ride and your 6 feet away from others it should be fine. Cause I don’t think all of our Memory maker photos came through from all our rides. Cause when you have a make on i don’t think they can see exactly who you are. But the masks haven’t kept us from taking pictures everywhere with them on we still do it. It’s still a memory I want to keep.

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