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While we love theme parks and the fun and unique attractions they offer, many of us are not fond of one particular aspect- the lines! This is where Disney sets itself apart. Disney Imagineers have gone above and beyond creating some of the best and most unique, interactive line queues you’ll find at any theme park. While no one generally enjoys waiting in long lines, these queues definitely help guests pass the time! Here are 8 of the best attraction queues found at Walt Disney World.

8. Peter Pan’s Flight- Peter Pan’s Flight queue features the Darling’s nursery equipped with the beds of Wendy, John, and Michael and even includes some of Peter Pan’s own touches. Guests can see Peter’s shadow on the wall, and actually interact with their own shadows as they appear on the wall! Tinker Bell can be found flying around the room making a trail of pixie dust as she interacts with various objects. While walking through a corridor further in the queue, guests get sprinkled with pixie dust that is projected onto them while Tinkerbell flies overhead. This attraction queue definitely includes Disney magic with a dash of pixie dust!

7. The Haunted Mansion- Definitely considered to be one of the most iconic attractions found at Walt Disney World, it is no surprise that this attraction is also home to one of the best queues. There is something to be seen during each part of this line, including the famous graveyard filled with tombstones featuring how each deceased character met his or her demise, a full-size horse and buggy hearse and of course the queue ends in the infamous stretching room. You may not want to Fast Pass this attraction due to just how much there is to see waiting in line!

Haunted Mansion FastPass Sign

6. Under The Sea~Journey of The Little Mermaid- Even though standby wait times are generally not too long for this attraction, guests who do experience a wait get to experience a fun unique and interactive queue. Guests can point to objects from Ariel’s thingamabob collection and watch as a friendly blue crab sorts the object that was pointed to!  Guests will pass under waterfalls, through rocky coves, and actually find themselves inside Prince Eric’s castle! Each step of this queue is full of detail. Scuttle is even there to tell a few of his famous jokes! This is a queue you will definitely want to explore, even if the wait time is short!

5. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train- The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train queue combines both interactive digital games as well as actual physical objects to play with, which makes this a queue fun for all ages! From the gem game tables to the musical water fountain that plays a tune when a guest’s hand moves underneath it, the wait will fly by while standing in line for this attraction. As far as interactive queues go, this is definitely one of the best!

Interactive queue

4. Avatar-Flight of Passage- It should come as no surprise that the attraction usually boasting one of the longest standby wait times would also have a very impressive queue to keep guests occupied while they wait. The attention to detail found in the Avatar-Flight of Passage queue is outstanding and remarkable. Guests will travel through Pandora’s beautiful floating mountain range, pass by waterfalls, walk through caves, and finally find themselves in a lab featuring a full-size Na’Vi Avatar! This queue is so detailed and unique, the hefty wait times will be much more bearable!

Avatar Flight of Passage Ride

3. Expedition Everest-Legend of the Forbidden Mountain- Why wait in a queue when you can instead visit a Yeti museum while waiting to ride an attraction? This is exactly what guests experience while in the queue for Expedition Everest-Legend of the Forbidden Mountain. Guests start the queue by winding through the tour company office, outdoor shrines dedicated to the Yeti, a museum featuring documents of Yeti sightings, evidence of Yeti’s existence, and more. Both outdoor and indoor sections of this queue are layered with culture and detail of the region it represents. Guests won’t even realize they are in a queue while waiting for their turn on this attraction!

2. Tower of Terror- Tower of Terror features a truly immersive queue that is an actual experience for guests. From the outdoor gardens to the Hollywood Tower Hotel lobby full of cobwebs, guests find themselves transported back in time and are completely immersed in the theming of the attraction. Twilight Zone fans will be thrilled as they step inside an episode near the end of the queue, as the famous show is brilliantly integrated. Even as guests board the attraction, the Cast Members remain in character and offer some last words.With so much theming and detail, this is a queue you won’t mind waiting in.

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run in Star wars land

1. Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run- With Galaxy’s Edge debuting in Walt Disney World in August, along came the first open attraction of the land, Millenium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run. Imagineers paid attention to every small detail in the creation of the new land, and the queue for the land’s first attraction was held to the same high standards. Before entering the queue make sure you have downloaded the Play Disney Parks App so that you can play the interactive game by scanning QR codes found throughout the line on random objects. The queue itself begins by winding around the life-size 110 foot Millenium Falcon- which is truly a sight to behold! Throughout the queue, guests will notice grease stains under the Falcon, cargo pipes and boxes of cargo, light panels complete with blinking lights and finally end up inside Ohnaka Transport Solutions, where several ships are being serviced. Inside, guests will overhear conversations between mechanics, and even smell some grease! Near the end of the queue, guests will encounter Hondo Ohnaka, Disney’s most state of the art animatronic character! Disney did not cut any corners with the creation of this queue! With the interactive game on the Play Disney Parks App, the impeccable attention to every little detail and the mind-blowing Hondo animatronic, this queue earns the #1 spot on our list.

With unique, fun and interactive queues like these, the wait is sure to fly by!



Top 8 Attraction Queues at Walt Disney World 2

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