What to Pack for My Disney World Vacation?

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What to Pack for My Disney World Vacation? 1

It might be some time before your next Disney World vacation, but its never to early to start thinking about what you should pack for your trip. There are some things you may not consider especially if you have never been to Disney before. It’s easy to forget items you may need or realize you want on your trip.

I cannot stress enough to pack comfortable walking shoes. Sneakers that you know you can walk in for 10+ miles a day in without giving you blisters. You will be doing a lot of walking and need to have comfortable supportive shoes. Bring a little first aid kit just in case. You may want to pack extra socks as they may get wet on rides or in the rain and such. Bring a pair of flip flops to wear around the resort and pool area, or water shoes to wear at the water parks.

What to Pack for My Disney World Vacation? 2

It tends to rain pretty often in Florida so you will not want to forget to bring ponchos or rain gear. Showers down here can happen quickly and come down hard so you will want to have this on hand in the parks at all times. Disney doesn’t stop from the rain so be ready if you have a rainy day.

The sun is hot down here so make sure you have proper sun protection. You will be spending plenty of time outdoors and need to be protected. Bring your sunscreen and a hat to wear. You don’t want to be miserable and a lobster on your trip so heed this warning. Aloe would be another good thing to throw in your bag just in case you underestimate the Florida Sun. We also tend to have lots of bugs down here, although Disney does a good job of spraying for them, some bug spray might not be a bad idea to pack along with you.


What to Pack for My Disney World Vacation? 3

Don’t forget your swimsuit! Everyone seems to forget the swimsuit, but you are going to want it once you see the pools and hot tubs down at the resorts. Not to mention for the water parks if you plan to cool off at one of those. A cover-up would be another good idea to pack for walking around the resort on your way to the watering hole. Another way to cool off down here is to get a cooling towel or bandana to wear. They do help you stay cool which is very important, especially if you plan to visit in the summer months.

Do yourself a favor and bring a reusable water bottle. I have one of those nifty ones that also doubles as a spray mister. So worth it!! You will thank me later! Disney has recently installed many water bottle filling stations to make it easier for guests to refill their water bottles while in the parks. Bring those snacks with you too. Some quick easy things to snack on while you are waiting in line for the next ride will come in handy and save a bit of money for you.

We do believe it or not have some chilly days and nights. So bring a sweatshirt and even a jacket in the winter months it can drop to the 50-30s at night during those months. We even get some cool fall nights at times. So it is better to have one ready to go. Also everywhere down here has air conditioning inside which you might not be used to, and it can make you feel cold.

What to Pack for My Disney World Vacation? 4

Another few other items you may want to throw in your suitcase would be a camera to take pictures with. Ziplock bags to keep your phone dry on water rides, or to put wet items in. Also, hand sanitizer would be good to have. There are a lot of people in the parks and its good practice to wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizer to try to prevent from bringing back any bugs with you.  Also if you are a gum chewer fun fact Disney doesn’t sell gum on their property so you may want to bring that along with you as well.

If you have little ones double up on the snacks, and items they need. Also, bring things to entertain them while waiting in lines. You will want to bring or rent a stroller, and maybe get a fan for the stroller to help keep the kiddos cool and comfortable. It is a good idea for each of them to have their own little backpack to bring their supplies for the park in.  Don’t forget your Mickey ears and shirts!!!

Let us know what items are a must for your Disney trip. We hope this gives you an idea of some key essentials to add to your packing list. Follow us at Disney Addicts for more planning advice.

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What to Pack for My Disney World Vacation? 5

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