Top WDW Attractions To Hide Out From The Florida Rain At All 4 Theme Parks


Top WDW Attractions To Hide Out From The Florida Rain At All 4 Theme Parks 1

Vacations can be unpredictable – and it’s hard to be away from home when the unexpected happens to you and your family. Well – luckily for all of you headed to Walt Disney World, us experts here at Disney Addicts have plenty of experience dealing with all Disney can throw at you – and one thing we have learned over the years – is that it WILL rain at some point during your WDW visit. No matter how sunny and perfect the day starts off, that humidity will roll in and so will the storm clouds. But the good news is – there are plenty of ways to beat the rain – so check out our top indoor attractions at each Park where you can hide out from the rain:

Magic Kingdom
-Carousel Of Progress: This one of a kind rotating animatronic show is the perfect place to hide out from the rain. Bonus – you might even learn something as it cycles through the different eras of electricity. Double bonus – its 20 minutes long and there’s hardly ever much of a wait

-Haunted Mansion: Once you’re inside, it’s nice and cool, and aside from the ride itself, there’s a pre-show portion that, aside from enhancing the ride’s scream factor, helps you stay dry longer! This is a personal favorite, as we have been known to board those “Doom Buggies” multiple times in a row, as it’s just such a fun experience and I love noticing new details each time I ride

-Living With The Land: this unassuming boat ride might seem a bit boring at first glance, but it’s actually really interesting – when else can you get a behind the scenes look at what Disney does? The boat travels through some of the gardening and greenhouse areas that WDW has on site, and you get to learn a ton about their environmental efforts, and if you’re lucky you might even spot a Mickey-shapes veggie or two!
*Bonus – this ride is located in the Land Pavilion – which is all indoors and also includes other rides & Sunshine Seasons (a great place to grab some food), so while the Pavilion might get crowded during rainy times, it is the perfect place to escape the storms

-Test Track: Car buffs will love this one – from getting to design their own car to taking it through different “tests” to see how it fares, it’s a fun experience for those of all ages. Heat, cold & corrosion will test your vehicle, and if it survives then it’s on to the fun part – the SPEED test – where you’ll reach speeds of over 60mph!

Hollywood Studios
-Muppet*Vision 3D – This movie (complete with 3D glasses!) runs about 15 minutes in length, but no worries if you miss the start of a show, as you will be directed to the queue/waiting area, themed as “Muppet Labs” and then a large open room complete with tons of (hilarious) props, and a pre-show that will make you laugh out loud. Some may think this is a bit of an antiquated attraction that should either be refurbished or replaced – but as someone who has been coming to it since it opened in 1991 – I strongly disagree with those naysayers – kids and adults alike will love this attraction (trust me!)

-Tower Of Terror: This “Twilight Zone” themed ride takes you into the Hollywood Tower Hotel and up to the mystic 13th floor on a creepy service elevator – where strange things are happening, and the supernatural forces just might be at play causing your elevator to drop without warning! This one might have a long wait, but I generally don’t mind once I am inside the “Hotel”, as the details are amazing – and the Cast Members act as though they are under some kind of trance – it’s just all perfectly themed and worth the wait

Animal Kingdom
-Dinosaur: The queue of this ride serves as a display for some awesome Dino artifacts, as well as some art imagining what the “Age of the Dinosaurs” might have actually looked like. Then there is a movie pre-show, before you head into the loading area of “Dino Institute” where you will board your “time rover” to go back in time for a “tour” which quickly turns into an unauthorized mission to save a dinosaur!
Fair Warning: This one is bumpy, dark, and overall pretty darn scary! Might not be the best choice for right after lunch, or for the little ones who might scare of it easily

-It’s Tough To Be A Bug: This 9 minute film is hosted by Flik from Disney’s “A Bug’s Life” and he talks about why bugs make great friends. Is this basically a children’s attraction? Yes. But is it awesome to get to go INSIDE the Tree Of Life while also escaping the rain? Also YES!

Hopefully next time you’re caught in the rain at Walt Disney World, you’re able to check out some of these attractions that are not only amazing, but offer refuge from the relentless Florida weather!

Oh – and I will leave you with a little pro tip from me to you – pack your own ponchos & Ziploc baggies in a variety of sizes, to help keep you and your valuables safe and dry!

Top WDW Attractions To Hide Out From The Florida Rain At All 4 Theme Parks 2

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