Which Closed Attraction I Miss the Most at Each Disney World Park

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I’ve been visiting Walt Disney World for many years. I was so fortunate to have a Disney-loving family that loved to vacation there every year. I’m sure that my childhood memories are a huge part of why I’m so Disney obsessed today. It is such a nostalgic place for me. Nothing hurts our Disney loving hearts more than when one of our beloved attractions closes. Even if it’s only a temporary closure, it hurts us and we miss it. So today I thought I’d take a nice little stroll down memory lane and revisit some of my favorite closed attractions.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park- This is an easy one for me, for very personal reasons. You see, my cousin whom I traveled to Disney World with every year was completely obsessed with this attraction. He had to ride it numerous times per trip and even had a special ride vehicle he would make our family wait for! I’m talking about the classic Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Yep, my cousin wanted the green car with the green steering wheel! This attraction still exists over at Disneyland Resort, but I really miss it at Disney World. I’m sure younger Disney fans wouldn’t even remember this ride ever existing at Disney World, considering it closed in 1998. I also miss Snow White’s Scary Adventures, which closed in 2012.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Park- Admittedly, there are numerous rides I miss dearly at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I loved Catastrophe Canyon and Studio Backlot Tour and mourned when each closed. However, nothing broke my heart more than the closure of The Great Movie Ride. I want to cry thinking about it even now. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. I had a hard time even riding it for the first time, but I found myself smiling ear-to-ear by the end. Yet no attraction could ever replace The Great Movie Ride to me. It was a timeless attraction that honored some of the best theatrical blockbusters of our time and was a favorite among all ages. I actually planned an entire trip to ride this attraction one more time before it closed.

EPCOT- If you noticed and recognized the featured image on this article, you already know which attraction I miss the most from EPCOT. There are lots of attractions I have been sad to see close at EPCOT. Cranium Command, Body Wars, and Ellen’s Energy Adventure to name a few. However, I really miss Horizons the most! I’ll never forget the smell of those oranges! EPCOT has really evolved and changed throughout the years, which is exactly the vision that Walt Disney had for the park, and EPCOT is in the process of evolving yet again! I can’t wait to experience all of the new attractions coming!

Rivers of Light FAQ

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park- Opening in 1998, Disney’s Animal Kingdom park is the newest of all Disney World parks. The only real ride that has closed at Animal Kingdom has been Primeval Whirl, which closed last March. I’d be lying if I said it was an attraction I missed. Honestly, I preferred to call it “Primeval Hurl”. What I do miss at Animal Kingdom is the night show, Rivers of Light: We are One. Riding Expedition Everest during this show and seeing the beautiful flowers from way up high was so much fun. I really enjoyed this unique show. We can only hope that someday soon it is able to be replaced by an equally beautiful show.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this blast into the Disney past as much as I did. While it is sad to see attractions close, it is always exciting when new attractions open!


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