Why is Frozen taking over Maelstrom?


Question: Why are they replacing Maelstrom in the Norway Pavilion with a Frozen Attraction?

Answer: It’s the most popular Disney film in a long time, and it just seems appropriate to put them in Norway… right?

Maelstrom officially  closed in  September  2014 and the new Frozen attraction is opening in early 2016. The new Frozen attraction, Norsk Kultur, will take riders into the  scenes they know and love from the movie featuring their favorite songs and characters.  In Epcot, the Norway pavilion will also include a meet and greet with Anna and Elsa.

Trolls from Maelstrom

Maelstrom was a must-do at least once in Epcot, but, just like the Tiki Room, Country Bear Jamboree, and Carousel of Progress, they are attractions that aren’t on the top of the popularity list. You either love them, or walk right past them. One of my favorite places to explore in the Disney Parks, The World Showcase,  hasn’t had a new attraction since Maelstrom in 1988. Some other World Showcase lovers say it will add “too much fantasy” to the area, and that it should be built in a more appropriate place, such as Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom.

Animal Kingdom is focusing on it’s Avatar Land expansion, Hollywood Studios has some surprises in store for us with the removal of the Sorcerer’s Hat, and their main focus is Star Wars, with the film coming out soon. Magic Kingdom just finished their new Fantasyland expansion, and that leaves Epcot open for a new attraction.

Just like the Mexico pavilion features the Three Caballeros attraction, in my opinion the Frozen ride will fit in too. It brings a child-centered attraction to an area of the park that could be less interesting to children otherwise. My kids love the World Showcase, but meeting characters there is by far their favorite part. They look forward to seeing Mulan, Snow White, Aurora, and Belle. It makes our trip “around the world” more balanced between things for younger kids and for adults (food, shopping and wine for me!)

I don’t mind Frozen being added to Norway in the Showcase. If you watch the bonus features on the Frozen Blu-Ray, you’ll see The Art of Frozen, and how that the animators based Arendelle specifically on the Norwegian Fjords and landscapes they saw on their trips there while making the film. If Disney can turn it into a learning experience on Norway AND incorporate our favorite music and characters from Frozen, it will be a huge hit.

The old Maelstrom ride entrance


We are SO excited for the new Frozen attraction to open in Epcot though, because we love Anna, Elsa, and Olaf and agree that the World Showcase needed something new! Are you going to miss Maelstrom? or are you ready to LET IT GO? (sorry, had to!)

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