Why You Should Take An Alaskan Disney Cruise

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Cruising is one of the top vacation choices. Disney Cruise Line offers several different itineraries. When you think of a cruise, you generally don’t imagine an iceberg and snow. Many people imagine somewhere tropical. Sun beating down, poolside with a drink to cool you down. However, some people don’t realize Disney Cruise Line offers much more than Caribbean destinations. Get off the beaten path and experience Alaska. Mesmerizing views, unforgettable memories, and a unique style all of its own. I can’t think of one reason to select this itinerary. I can’t think of several.

First, let’s talk about the unique excursions. A lot of the itineraries to the Caribbean offer similar port adventures. Shake it up. Try something new. Like Dog sledding. How cool would that be? We have all probably imagined being pulled around by an adorable pack of fluffy pups. Now you can do it. How about Whale watching. Explore a glacier. Are we booked yet?

Magical views. No. Breathtaking views! Granted, my favorite part of a cruise is the view. Walking out on my balcony and seeing a beautiful sunrise lighting up nothing but the big open sea. Add the Alaskan frontier. Whoa. Icy blue water. Not to mention the chance of seeing wildlife.

Cool Entertainment. Disney offers Broadway-caliber shows on their ships. What is more fitting on this cruise than the snow queen herself. Elsa doesn’t let the cold bother her. So she and her friends from Arendelle feel right at home in this cool itinerary. “Frozen The Musical Spectacular” is the perfect fit.

Unique Food.  Disney offers special dining experiences on all their cruises. This one you get to try traditional Alaskan favorites. Disney offers flavorful dishes giving you the opportunity to appreciate the delicacy while taking in the Alaskan scenery.

Themed attire. What’s more adorable than Minnie and Mickey in their finest winter gear? Complete with Mickey’s overalls? Nothing. Other than you in the picture with them. You see the fab 5 throughout any Disney Cruise. Only this one dawning this fashionable attire.

Making magical memories happens at Disney. Immersing you into the environment is their specialty. This gives you the opportunity to experience the Alaskan culture. All while getting your prescribed dose of Disney and relaxation. What are you waiting for?

What is your favorite type of vacation? Cruising is one of my family’s favorites. My name is Jamie Porter and I am an independent travel agent with Amazing Magical Adventures. I am a Disney Addict and a current AP holder. My family loves experiencing the magic of Disney and I would love to help you take the worry out of booking. Jamieporter@amazingmagicaladventures.com.

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