10 Of Disneyland and Disney World’s Scariest Attractions


We here at Disney Addicts thought get asked a lot about rides that may be a bit too scary for tiny tots.  Whether those bone-chilling moments come in the form of big drops or scary monsters, there are certain attractions those with children that frighten easily may want to avoid!

1. DINOSAUR, Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World –  This is Disney World’s main dinosaur offering, making it pretty high on the must-do lists.  However, this ride can often catch people off guard because it is downright scary.  It features lots of dark moments, strobe light effects, a lot of being jostled about and big animatronic dinosaurs that pop out when you least expect it.  The ride can be absolutely thrilling but I’ve also seen many little ones properly crying by the time its through.  If you have kids that scare easily, I’d think carefully before giving DINOSAUR a go.

Scary Rides

2. Snow White’s Scary Adventure – Disneyland – Parents be wary of any attraction that has scary in the title.   This classic dark ride that retells the story of Snow White may be just fine for young children familiar with the movie.  However, those that aren’t may be frightened by the scenes featuring the Evil Queen, dark dungeons, skeletons and scary ravens.  There are even Haunted Trees that can pack a punch.


3. Pirates of the Caribbean – Disneyland and Magic Kingdom (at Walt Disney World) – The motto of this ride is “dead men tell no tales” and though some elements in this classic Adventureland attraction can be downright comedic, it is not without its bone curdling moments. Those that go squeamish at the sight of a skeleton should give it a miss or avert their eyes as the opening scenes of this attraction have them in abundance.  There’s also a couple of dark drops. lightning crashes and some pretty ominous looking surroundings. That being said, its one of our favorite rides and is iconic Disney at its best.

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4. Tower of Terror – Hollywood Studios- Walt Disney World –  The only ride at Disney World to properly give me goosebumps, the Tower of Terror immerses guests in an eerie world based on the iconic The Twilight Zone TV series.  I challenge you to find a queue at Disney more completely chilling and immersive. From the cagey interactions with the staff to the hotel lobby littered with creepy relics from the show’s spookiest episodes, we guarantee that by the time you get ready to board the service elevator you’ll be feeling a bit weak in the knees. Guests brave enough to take their place on the lift will be treated to a series of eerie scenes and very dark drops.  It’s big on thrills but not for the faint of heart.


5. Mr Toad’s Wild Ride – Disneyland – This classic Disneyland attraction may seem tame enough on the outside.  However, it is dark, jerky, at one point it appears like you are going to get run over by a train and then there’s the whole driving into a fiery hell thing.   It’s not uncommon to see tiny children bursting into tears on this ride so moms and dads, I’d give it a miss if you children scare easily.


6. The Haunted Mansion – Disneyland and Magic Kingdom (at Walt Disney World) –  Its only fitting the home of Disney’s 999 Happy Haunted would be big on ghosts, ghouls, things that go bump in the night and a homicidal bride.  The ride is filled with creepy corridors, graveyards and chilling scenes.  It’s another brilliant and creative example of early Disney Imagineering at its best. However, it can given even the bravest of souls the heebies.


7. It’s Tough To Be a Bug –  Animal Kingdom (at Walt Disney World) – For many people, spiders and other creepy crawlies can be the scariest thing of all.  If you place yourself in this category than It’s Tough To Be a Bug may be scarier than some of Disney’s biggest thrill rides.  Slated as a fun-filled show that gives us insights into the lives and characteristics of many of our tiny insect friends, its narrated by Flick from A Bugs Life. Though on the surface it can seem innocent enough, I’ve seen so many children get upset at this attraction that I’ve lost count. There are moments where the lights go out the room is filled with fog and insects descend from the ceiling, it gets them every time.


8. Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy – Disneyland –  This spine-tingling Space Mountain overlay is so scary that it only comes out at Halloween.  Visitors riding from mid-September through until the end of October will make their way through the scary twists and turns of Space Mountain while ghosts appear to try and pluck riders from their seats.  Add to this a blood-curdling soundtrack and piercing screams and you have a bone-chilling Halloween-themed update to this classic coaster. This overly returns to Disneyland this Fall starting on September 8, 2018.


9. Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye – Disneyland – The layout for this West Coast Attraction is strikingly similar to DINOSAUR over at Animal Kingdom.  This means that if you’re not a fan of one, you’re unlikely to love the other.  The ride takes place within the confines of a mysterious temple where, just like Indy during one of his epic quests, you’ll encounter snakes, creepy skeletons, and giant boulders. There’s also a series of nerve-wracking boobie traps in keeping with the film franchise.  If you’re fans of the Indiana Jones movies then you’ll enjoy your one-way ticket to the Gates of Doom.  but tiny tots may be creeped out by some of the dark aspects of the ride as well as the sharp twists and turns.

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10. Fantasmic! – Disneyland and Hollywood Studios (at Walt Disney World) –  Though this dazzling Disney nighttime spectacular can really be a highlight of your Disney visit, it pays to know what you are getting into.  During the story, Sorcerer Mickey does do battle with the forces of evil.   There are villains projected on to the screens, there can be loud noises and the moment that usually frightens children is the presence of a pretty formidable looking dragon.   Fantasmic! can be a great way to see a lot of your Disney friends, especially during the grand finale, but if kids scare easily be prepared for a few cover your eyes moments.

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