26 Reasons Why We Love Disneyland Paris

DLP 26 Anniversary

Disneyland Paris is celebrating it’s 26th Anniversary and we here at Disney Addicts think there is an awful lot to commemorate.  If you’ve thought about taking a visit across the pond to Disney’s European theme park, we have 26 delightful reasons why you should give it a go.  Join us in celebrating with 26 fantastic reasons to start planning your Disneyland Paris getaway.

1. Disneyland Hotel – Walt Disney World has the Grand Floridian, Disneyland the Grand Californian and Disneyland Paris has the breathtakingly beautiful Disneyland Hotel.  What you’ll get here is Victorian style opulence with a whole host of delightful amenities. From the gorgeous indoor heated pool to sipping an aperitif at the Cafe Fantasia this property has it all.  And have we mentioned it is located at the entrance to the Disneyland Paris!?

2. The Afternoon Parade – You won’t want to miss the Stars on Parade which runs daily at Disneyland Paris.  The parade explores eight fantastic universes from Neverland to Toy Story, The Lion King and the Jungle Book.  You won’t believe the incredible surprises that await!

3. Extra Magic Time – Those of you in the States will know this as Extra Magic Hours.  This special perk is reserved specifically for on-site resort guests and provides special access to the parks before they open to the general public.

4. Phantom Manor – Fans of Disney’s various Haunted Mansions will not be disappointed with this Disneyland Paris offering.  The backstory is injected with a bit of an American Pioneering bent.  It tells the story of a prospector, a forsaken engagement and a mysterious curse.  And yes, you’ll still find the usual 999 happy haunts.

5. VIP FASTPASSES – Suites or Castle Club Guests at the Disneyland Hotel, Hotel New York, Newport Bay or Sequoia Lodge get a perk allowing you unlimited access to the FASTPASS lines at both theme parks throughout your stay. Sometimes a bit of a splurge is worth it!

6. Relaxing at Celestra Spa – Located in the Disneyland Hotel, the Celestia Spa offers a range of relaxing Spa treatments from relaxing massages to manicures and pedicures.  They even offer services for children making it the perfect mommy and me experience after a long day at the parks.

7. Ratatouille: The Adventure – Guests will be able to shrink to the size of Remy from the Disney•Pixar film Ratatouille.  Visitors scurry to safety while making their way across Gusteau’s legendary Parisian restaurant from the film in this truly unique (until a similar version opens in Epcot) attraction located at Toon Studios in Walt Disney Studios Park.

8. Crowds? What Crowds? – If you’ve been to Disney World, then you’ll know that there isn’t really an off-peak season anymore just varying degrees of heaving! However, things are noticeably more quiet at Disneyland Paris meaning your family will spend a lot less time waiting in line!

9. It’s Close to Paris –  Disneyland Paris is only a 35-minute train ride away from Paris proper.  This means that you have the City of Love right at your doorstep and can easily set aside a day or two during your visit to experience everything Paris has to offer.

10. Crush’s Coaster- Guests at Walt Disney Studios Paris won’t want to miss this fantastic coaster!  You board turtle shells and wiz through memorable moments from the much-loved film “Finding Nemo.”

11. Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain – Star Wars takes over this classic space attraction.  The backstory goes that you are a new Rebel Alliance recruit and are given the mission to pilot a reconnaissance vessel and spy on an Imperial Star Destroyer. But nothing is every straightforward in the Star Wars universe.

12. Inventions Sunday Brunch – Dine on contemporary and delightful recipes spanning the globe at this brunch within the Disneyland Hotel.  The meal is an extra special treat and takes place every Sunday from 1:00pm – 3:00pm.  Its filled with fun-loving Disney characters.  You never know who may turn up! Reservations are essential and can be made by calling +33 1 60 30 40 50.

13. Annette’s Diner – This eatery in Disney Village has to be one of our favorite places to eat at Disneyland Paris.  Take a trip back to the 1950’s at this classic American diner that will remind you of something straight out of “Happy Days.”  Menu items include giant hamburgers, hot dogs and milkshakes all brought to you by your server or roller skates!

14. Toy Story Parachute Drop – March your family over to this Toy Story-themed attraction where you are enlisted by the little green regiment and given a crash course in parachuting!

15. Sleeping Beauty Castle – This beloved fairy tale castle is definitely a sight to behold.  This 167-foot structure with its soaring spires and ornate turrets draws its inspiration from some of your favorite Fairy Tales as well as French castles and historic monuments.  Its also home to a large sleeping dragon that occasionally awakens.

16. Disney’s New York City Bar –  You’ll find the perfect place for a nightcap at this watering hole located in Disney’s Hotel New York.  The cocktail list here is pretty impressive with a range of incredible and colorful concoctions.  A stop here is the perfect “Adults Only” end to your Disney days.

17. Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show…With Mickey and Friends – Dinner shows don’t get much better than this rootin tootin good time.  Guests get to feast on a Texan-style meal including cornbread, chili, potato wedges and apple pie.  However, the real draw is watching Buffalo Bill and friends take to the floor in an Old West-style showdown that is reputed to be the biggest dinner show in all of Europe!

18. Studio Tram Tour – Board a tram and go behind the scenes at Walt Disney Studios where you’ll see full-scale movie sets and boneyard props. Watch out for the detour through Catastrophe Canyon!

19. Agrabah Cafe – This Adventureland eatery has to be one of our favorites in all of Disneyland Paris.  The ambiance is classic Moroccan and the cuisine is a delicious mix of African and Middle Eastern buffet. Also, be sure to look out for Aladdin. You never know when he might turn up.


20. Starlit Princess Waltz – Princess-lovers will not want to miss this whimsical show on the Castle Stage.  Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Snow White and Tiana make a grand entrance in their wonderful gowns. They are then joined by their significant others who accompany them in a magical waltz.


21. Mickey and the Magicians – Speaking of stage shows, you won’t want to miss this mystical offering in Toon Town at Walt Disney Studios.  Watch as incredible illusions are brought to life before your very eyes.  Genie, Rafiki, Elsa, Fairy Godmother and Lumiere teach Mickey that real magic has no limits.

22. Illumination – A dazzling end to your Disneyland day, this evening projection show and fireworks spectacular is not to be missed.  This incredible nighttime extravaganza brings some of Disney’s most-loved stories to life including Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, Lion King, Star Wars, The Little Mermaid and Pirates of the Caribbean.

23. Bistro Chez Remy – This is truly a dining experience like nothing else you’ll find at a Disney theme park. Inspired by the film “Ratatouille”, the dining room is designed to make you feel like you are the size of Remy where oversized objects are reused to create tables and chairs.  The restaurant also serves up a delightful range of French Classics offering an incredible and unique Parisian dining experience that can only be had a Disneyland Paris.

24. Davy Crockett Ranch – A delightful bit of Americana in France, this hotel is brimming with rustic charm and more than a nod to the Wild West and the Frontier.  Guests can escape the hustle and bustle of Disneyland at this property which is located 15 minutes away from the parks.  The ranch offers cosy fully equipped bungalows that provide the perfect home away from home during your stay. It has a wonderful indoor pool area (closed until Spring of 2018) and a holiday village perfect for hanging out with the family.

25. Festival of Pirates and Princesses -Mischief and magic is afoot in this incredible celebration.  The fest kicks off with a “Disney Pirate or Princess” stage show which starts at opposite ends of the parks.  Disneyland’s much-loved princesses convene at Fantasyland and the Pirate Crew assembles on Main Street USA before they eventually converge on Central Plaza in front of the Castle for a showstopping finale.  Guests can choose what side you’d like to be on before joining in on the fun with your favorite Disney characters.


26. It’s All About the Characters – One of the things that struck me during my visits to Disneyland Paris was how many characters you’ll find making the rounds.  I definitely felt this more than an any of the other Disney parks that I’ve been to.  You really get that magical feeling that you could run into some of your favorite Disney friends at any moment.  Be sure to have your cameras at the ready and take some time to go character spotting.

We’ve given your 26 delightful reasons to consider at trip to Disneyland Paris!  If you’d like more information about making this your Disney destination of choice for your next family vacation, read below to find out how you can get your FREE quote.

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