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5 Fun Disney Games for the Whole Family to Enjoy!

5 Fun Disney Games for the Whole Family to Enjoy! 6

Many of us around the country are stuck inside practicing social distancing right now. Things can get pretty boring when you are stuck inside, especially with young children. Many of us are looking for fun things to do to keep ourselves and our families busy during this time. If you and your family love Disney and want to add a little Disney into your day, consider trying one of these 5 fun Disney games!

  • Disney Pictopia- Discover this ultimate Disney trivia picture game your whole family will enjoy. Disney Pictopia is a game that requires teamwork but also has a competitive twist. Players take turns being the host and asking the question. When a player answers a question correctly they can advance and get to the castle space first and win! Test how much you know about animated classics, park destinations, and television hits!
  • Disney Princess Candy Land- In the Disney Princess Edition Candy Land Game, players take a magical journey through 8 enchanted lands! Players can choose their favorite Disney princess– Ariel, Rapunzel or Ariel, and draw cards that lead her along the colorful rainbow path. It is similar to the Candy Land we all know and love- but better because of the fun Disney twist!

5 Fun Disney Games for the Whole Family to Enjoy! 7

  • Cards Against Disney- If you are looking for a fun adult Disney game, look no further than the Disney version of the hilarious Cards Against Humanity. This is a game full of tasteless references and is not suitable for Disney fans under 17. Be ready to laugh out loud!

5 Fun Disney Games for the Whole Family to Enjoy! 8

  • SORRY! The Disney Edition- This classic game of strategy, determination and luck is fun for the whole family! The Disney themed version features classic Disney characters such as Bambi, Dumbo, Cruella De Vil, Ariel, Buzz Lightyear, Peter Pan, Snow White and more! Enjoy this game of “sweet revenge” by sending your opponents characters back to the beginning! This is a family game recommended for ages 6 and up.
  • Disney Theme Park Edition III Monopoly- This classic game lets players relive the excitement of all their favorite Disney theme park attractions from The Haunted Mansion to the monorail! This game truly combines the world’s most popular board game with the world’s most popular theme parks and even features a large pop-up castle on the game board! Your family will definitely be feeling the Disney magic with this fun game!

Hopefully, these games can bring some fun, laughter and a little bit of Disney into your home while we are doing our part to be safe.

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