5 Reasons to Stay at Disney’s Pop Century Resort

One of the most popular value resorts at the Walt Disney World Resort is Disney’s Pop Century Resort. Themed to the unforgettable fads of the 1950s through the 1990s, this is one rad resort! If you haven’t experienced this resort for yourself, here’s 5 great reasons why you should:


Each section of the resort is themed to a different decade. From yo-yos and Play-Doh to Rubik’s Cube and rollerblades, this Resort hotel salutes the timeless fashions, catchphrases, toys and dances that captivated the world through the decades. There’s even a larger than life foosball table on the grounds. How groovy is that?


There are now two transportation options at Disney’s Pop Century Resort. Before this year, buses were the only way to get from the resort to the parks. But Pop Century’s transportation was still a great reason to stay there as it does not share buses with other resort hotels. Now the new Disney Skyliner is up and running and Pop Century is one of the stops! The Skyliner takes guests from the resort to Epcot and/or Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


The rooms at Pop Century have all been updated and refurbished! They used to have either 1 king or 2 double beds but now come with either 1 king or 1 queen and 1 queen table bed. The carpet has also been replaced with laminate flooring which is much easier to clean and allergy-friendly. The rooms feel fresh and modern with Disney touches.


There are three different pools to enjoy at Pop Century. The largest is the Hippy Dippy pool and is home to flower-shaped water jets. Just behind this pool is a kiddie pool for your little ones to enjoy. There’s also the bowling pool which is shaped like a bowling pin, and the computer pool which is shaped like a computer and features a giant floppy disc and keypad. These pools are great options for relaxing at the resort!


The themed food offered at Pop Century is far out! Everything Pop is a quick service location that’s open from 6 am-midnight, and Pop Art Pizza Delivery delivers from dinnertime onward. For breakfast, try the Pop Waffle (a giant fresh waffle with the Pop logo on it) or Pop Tart Breakfast Sandwich (bacon, egg, and cheese between two strawberry Pop Tarts). Grab a Poppin Nachos Supreme from Petals Pool Bar for a snack. And fuel up anytime day or night with a pineapple upside-down cake or Tie Dye Cheesecake (a rainbow swirl of classic creamy cheesecake on a red velvet crust).

Next time you’re considering a visit to the Walt Disney World Resort, consider staying at this totally boss resort! Also, contact your favorite travel agent (me) to help you plan and book your stay! I am a travel agent with Amazing Magical Adventures and my services are complimentary. Contact me today for a free vacation quote!