5 Reasons Why It’s Normal For Adults To Love Disney


Many of us plan our Disney trips and get so excited. We have countdowns, reservations to make, things to plan. It’s part of the process and most of us love it. Then someone comes along and tries to dim our pixie dust. How many times have we heard “Isn’t Disney for kids?”. Well, the answer is No! Let’s count down 5 reasons why.

  1. Rides- Not all rides are not created equal. Or meant for just kids. Thrill rides were made to attract teenagers and adults to the parks. Kids aren’t pulling you in to see the Hall of Presidents, or understanding some Jungle Cruise jokes. That’s right. There are several aspects of Disney attractions geared towards adults.

  2. Four words- Drinking Around the World. Clearly, that’s not for kids. You can even add in the Food & Wine Festival. Wandering through the world showcase, tasting delicacies from countries all over. Next time someone says Disney is just for kids. You could possibly shut them down with this alone. But we will keep going.

  3. Stress- Adulting is tough. Bills, Work, life, headaches. Vacations are a must. Mental health is important. So going to the Happiest (or Most Magical) place at earth would completely make sense. Be a kid again. A time in our lives, where we were stress-free. Where we can run around, eat churros and dole whips without a care in the world.

  4. Nostalgia- Adults now, grew up on what Disney is thriving on now. ‘Live-Action’ remakes are of our beloved classics we watched as children. How about Galaxy’s Edge. You really think adults wouldn’t travel out of this galaxy to see it with their own eyes, finally. It brings back those memories we had as little ones. There isn’t too much better than that.

  5. Magic- Disney magic is an experience for all ages. Watching our favorite childhood characters come to life, reliving memories with your family, and taking a break from reality. No matter how old I get, I stare in awe at the castle every time I walk down Mainstreet.

    • If you have a child, watching them experience all these things and enjoying the magic through their eyes is even better than experiencing it yourself.

So moral of the article is, don’t let anyone tell you “You’re too old for Disney”. Disney is for the child within us all. The young at heart. Those who never want to grow up. Or simply, need a little magic in their lives. There is no age limit on Disney. So simply tell them to “Let it go and Have a Magical Day!”. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Friend a fellow Disney Addict instead.

What’s something that keeps you coming back to Disney? My name is Jamie Porter. I am a Disney Addict. I am also an Independent Travel Agent with Amazing Magical Adventures. My family and I go to Disney World often and are Passholders. I would be happy to help you plan your next magical getaway. Email me at JamiePorter@AmazingMagicalAdventures.com or like me on FB, click here. 

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