Work Is Starting Soon On The Jungle Cruise At Magic Kingdom Park

Jungle Cruise

A few moths ago, Disney announced new changes will be coming for Jungle Cruise at Magic Kingdom Park, and now Walt Disney Imagineer Zach Riddley shared that those updates are starting sooner then we thought.

You may start to notice some monkey business along the river as work begins in Jungle Cruise at Magic Kingdom mentioned Zach. And to make it even better, the attraction will remain open while Imagineers work on these changes in the next few months.

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Jungle Cruise

So those are exciting news, we can’t wait to see how the attraction turns out once all these updates are done. Disney hasn’t released any date about when the attraction will be finished but we might have an idea.

Recently, the company filed a permit for work on the attraction that states: “Modification and enhancements to include demo and installation of structural support, hardscape, electrical.”

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The permit also includes a date of when that work will be completed and it says January 22, 2022. Would that mean the Jungle Cruise will officially reopen by then with all the new updates in place? We don’t know but at least now we have a better idea of a possible date.

Keep checking back for more updates about the Jungle Cruise at Magic Kingdom!

Credit: Disney Parks

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