5 Reasons you should have a “Disney Bestie”

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2020 05 17 08 17 55 buzz and woody Google Search

5 Reasons you should have a "Disney Bestie" 1

As a complete Disney addict, I am here to admit- there are many people in my life who just don’t “get it”. They see Disney as something for small children and would never dream of taking an adult only trip to Disney (as I do multiple times per year). I don’t blame others for not understanding, even though I genuinely believe they are missing out! Luckily, I have also found that the “Disney energy” I give out into the universe has attracted some really awesome fellow Disney addicts into my life! It has been amazing to me how Disney can really bring people together, I have even seen individuals who seemingly have very little else in common bond over their shared love of all things Disney! I am a firm believer that every lover of Disney needs their very own “Disney bestie”, here are my top 5 reasons:

  1. Your Disney bestie speaks your language! Are you trying to score a last-minute FP for FOP or 7DMT? How about staying at POFQ with an ADR for BOG? Disney language is kind of like a secret code and it’s so fun to speak our own private language with someone who understands! While others might look at you as if you had two heads using these abbreviations, your Disney Bestie totally gets it!
  2. You will be kept up to date on all of the latest Disney news! No matter how big of a Disney nerd you are, you still can’t possibly keep up on every single piece of news. Disney is famous for always creating and adding new experiences, attractions, snacks, merchandise and more. With a Disney bestie, you’ll be able to always keep each other in the loop when you hear of something new.
  3. You can live vicariously through each other! I happen to have a Disney Bestie who lives a short 10-minute drive from the Magic Kingdom park. I love seeing her posts and pictures from the parks when I can’t be there. I know she cherishes the Disney magic at the parks as much as I do and it makes me smile to know she is in my happy place. When you have a Disney bestie, you get almost as excited for their trips as you do your own.
  4. Your Disney style will be appreciated! While other adults may not understand your enthusiasm over your new Loungefly bag, Minnie ears, or custom lightsaber, your Disney bestie will completely understand! Your Disney bestie would never talk you out of buying that new Disney merchandise you know you need, and that’s just the kind of support we all deserve!
  5. Your Disney bestie will never utter the words, “you’re going to Disney…AGAIN?” Your Disney bestie understands that there is absolutely no limit on how many trips to Disney someone should take. This person understands that with every single visit, something new is seen or experienced- no matter how many times you’ve been before. This friend will be excited for you and want to hear all of the details when you return, and would never think of suggesting you “try someplace else”.

5 Reasons you should have a "Disney Bestie" 2

I am so fortunate to have my very own Disney bestie and be a part of a wonderful online Disney community. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again-Disney people are the best people!

5 Reasons you should have a "Disney Bestie" 3

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