7 Facts Every Peter Pan Fan Needs to Know

Peter Pan
Peter Pan

7 Facts Every Peter Pan Fan Needs to Know 1

Peter Pan is one of those movies that it seems that everyone looks back fondly on. Do you know all the facts about this classic Disney movie? It seems that everyone can relate to not wanting to grow up as well as fighting to stay young. Rides, sequels, and offshoots – nothing can diminish the light from the star that is this lovely 1953 tale of the boy that never became a man. Fans, get in your pajamas and check out these 7 facts about the beloved Peter Pan.

  1. Alice’s Song
    • Peter Pan’s wonderful soundtrack includes a song called, “The Second Star to the Right”. This song was not meant to be for Peter Pan – but for Alice in Wonderland. It was supposed to be called “Beyond the Laughing Sky”.
  2. Behind the Scenes
    • If you are not familiar with the 1941 film “The Reluctant Dragon“, the movie features a tour of a young Disney Studios. In the background, you can see drawings of Captain Hook – meaning Peter Pan was being developed as early as 1941.
  3.  ‘Come On, Nana!’
    • In one of the original versions, Nana went with the kids to Neverland. Now that’s a movie I’d pay to see!
  4. Right to Left
    • In the original play of Peter Pan, Hook loses his right hand. You may notice in the movie that the opposite is true. Disney artists felt that it would limit his movements, and changed the hook’s hand. Some Disney World fans noticed the hook being on the wrong hand on the Peter Pan ride as well!
  5. Peter and Wendy in Real Life
    • The animated Peter Pan and Wendy Darling have a striking resemblance to their voice actors Bobby Driscoll and Kathryn Beaumont. If you’ve heard of Katheryn Beaumont before, she also voiced and was the model for Alice in Wonderland!
  6. A Walt Favorite
    • Walt Disney had a well-known love for the J. M. Barrie tale. When Walt Disney was a child, he played Peter Pan in a school play. He also was determined to get the full copyright and finally achieved his goal in 1939. This means that if the drawing of Hook was spotted in ‘The Reluctant Dragon’ in 1941 – the studio got right to work working on the 1953 film!
  7. Goofy, is that you?
    • The Goofy Holler has been spotted in many Disney classics – you just have to know where to find it! Smee hits Hook in the head with an oar during the fight inside Skull Rock. Make sure you catch it on your next watch!

It would be nice to fly off to Neverland where the only worries are dastardly pirates – and you can! Schedule some time to watch Peter Pan on Disney+ – or follow the second star on the right and continue straight on ’til morning!

7 Facts Every Peter Pan Fan Needs to Know 2

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