7 Fantastic Facts about The Incredibles!

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EB20041104REVIEWS41006004AR 1

On November 5th, 2004 – Pixar released their smash hit, The Incredibles. A little family with a huge secret, who strengthen their bonds through trust and of course, kicking villain butt, The film focus’ on Bob and Linda Parr who struggle with a fall from celebrity and learn to cope with being… well, normal! Their kids, who also have natural superhero abilities must live in secret and certainly struggle. With all the growth the family goes through during the film, it is not only the superpowers that make them incredible!

So if this is your favorite film, make sure to check out the facts and let us know your favorites in the comments below!

  1. The Missing Truck
    • In (most) Pixar films, you can usually find the Pizza Planet Truck as an easter egg – first featured in Toy Story. Unfortunately, the truck has not been spotted in The Incredibles.
  2. A Long Time Coming
    • To this date, the original film and its sequel have the longest gap between the two. Luckily, with any film that doesn’t have a sequel, Pixar/Disney is sure to give us plenty of shorts to fill the gaps – as they’ve done with UP! In this case, there was a very short 14-year gap.
  3. It’s got Person-ality
    • The 2004 Pixar film was the first one to star humans as opposed to Toys, Monsters, and Bugs. Humans are hard to animate and as you can see in the first Toy Story – the animation is pretty rough. 2004 was the perfect time to highlight how far animation had come with the amazing style that The Incredibles was in.
  4. Run for It!
    • Dash Parr was voiced by Spencer Fox. Dashs’ main superpower is the fast speed of course – it is in the name! To make the voice sound particularly accurate Spencer was made to run for his job to make Dash sound as out of breath in the film as Spencer was in real life.
  5. The Familiar City
    • The Incredibles is based in Metroville. Does the city sound familiar? It might be because it combines two famous Superhero cities – Metropolis and Smallville of course! The film also emphasizes the 1960s decor – a golden era for comics!
  6. An Incredible Hit
    • The film did well worldwide – making a total of 600 Million dollars! It also sold over 17 million in DVD sales as well!
  7. The Bird is the Word
    1. The films villian, Syndrome, is based off of the films director, Brad Bird. If you see a photo of Bird himself, Syndrome is a loose interpritation of what Brad looks like as well! He even voiced Syndrome in DVD extras as well.

17 years since The Incredibles came out and it still stands up to this day!

Picture: Disney/Pixar

7 Fantastic Facts about The Incredibles! 1

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