Baby Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra Born At Kilimanjaro Safari!

Baby Zebra

The magic of nature does it again, a baby zebra was born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom on May 17!

Just a week ago, some lucky guests got to see the birth of a hartmann’s mountain zebra at the Kilimanjaro Safari. The baby boy took his first steps in the savannah, while guests witnessed this magical moment. This is also the first zebra birth at Walt Disney World this year.

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Baby Zebra

Mom Heidi stood close to her baby to bond and nurse. Bonding is very important because the young zebra will imprint on it’s mother’s scent and memorize the unique marking on it’s mother’s hind legs to tell her apart from others in the herd.

The baby zebra was born as part of the Species Survival Plan program that is overseen by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and ensures responsible breeding and genetic diversity of hundreds of animal species.

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Did you know Hartmann’s Mountain Zebras have stripes that stop right at the edge of their bellies, while stripes on common zebras wrap around the whole body? Interesting fun fact!

Credit: Disney Parks

Ana Leal

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