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How The Magic Kingdom Goes From Spooky to Jolly Overnight

How The Magic Kingdom Goes From Spooky to Jolly Overnight

Are you enjoying Halloween night at the Magic Kingdom? Do you need a jolt once the scares have worn off to pump you up for the quickly approaching holiday season? Good news…..hop a bus, monorail, or boat and get back over to the Magic Kingdom November 1st….incredibly….something has changed overnight!

In a single evening, magic has happened…and no we aren’t talking about Santa circling the globe! We are talking about an almost impossible transformation that takes place once the haunts have gone back to the land of the dead at the Magic Kingdom. Christmas, without haste, makes its first appearance in the park on the morning of November 1st. You heard me right! Overnight, as crazy as that sounds, the park transforms from a spooky Halloween bash to a winter wonderland (somewhat…it is Orlando people!)

It’s a daunting task no doubt. But given skilled workers, finely laid out plans, Imagineers, and a bit of pixie dust…it happens every year. Some guests plan their trips accordingly to see the amazing switch from Halloween to the holidays, and they aren’t disappointed! Cinderella’s castle adorned with frozen crystals, the glorious tree standing guard at the start of Main Street, and the festive character costumes are sure to put any Scrooge in the holiday mood. AND AGAIN…IT’S ALL DONE WITH ONE EVENING! Before you even get over indigestion from your Halloween candy, Christmas has arrived! Not everywhere…it may take some time for some of the other parks and resorts to catch up, but the Magic Kingdom doesn’t play around when it comes to the transition. It’s really an amazing feat!

Christmas parade

And then there’s the Christmas party! Fresh off the heels of the Sanderson Sisters, Disney brings the holiday magic almost immediately with Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party starting November 8th. Just over a week after Halloween night, Mickey and his friends (including Olaf, Anna, and Elsa) are dishing out the Christmas cheer on select nights.

It’s absolutely a breathtaking thought when attempting to understand that amount of work that goes into switching the theming of the entire park in such a short time frame. But…if any can do it and make it fabulous, it’s Disney…and they do every single year!
Check out the video below and see the process in action! It is truly amazing!


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