What is Changing with Disneyland’s FASTPASS System?

Visitors to Disneyland can expect changes to the FASTPASS system at both Disneyland and California Adventure Parks. Beginning this past week, Disneyland began testing these changes in preparation for their MaxPass system. Your friends at Disney Addicts have all of the info you’ll need to know about this FASTPASS change-up.

Q. How did the FASTPASS system work at Disneyland?

A. Disneyland has FASTPASS machines outside of many attractions. Guests would insert their admission tickets into these machines and receive a printed paper ticket with a specific return time window. Cast Members would then collects guests’ paper tickets upon their return, allowing them to pass the regular queue and ride their favorite attractions with limited wait time.

Q. What has changed with the old FASTPASS system?

A. Guests will still insert their admission tickets into FASTPASS machines, but the printed tickets will only serve as reminders. Guests are now required to scan their park ticket or annual pass to get into the FASTPASS lines. This means that FASTPASSES are now linked specifically to individuals. Consequently, good samaritan guests can no longer “gift” their FASTPASS tickets to other guests in the park.

Q. What is Disneyland’s MaxPass System?

A. Disneyland plans to launch it’s MaxPass System, which will run alongside the FASTPASS system. This optional program allows guests to reserve and cancel FASTPASS times digitally from the Disneyland app on their smartphones.

Q. Is there a fee to use the MaxPass System?

A. Yes! Guests planning to enjoy the benefits of MaxPass must pay $10 per day they plan to use it. Additionally, this fee will also include unlimited downloads of guests’ PhotoPass images. Disneyland has not yet announced what this fee might cost when added-on to annual pass holder tickets.

Q. How many people does the MaxPass fee cover?

A. Each guest planning to use MaxPass must pay the $10 fee. This means that if you’re traveling with a party of 4 people ages 3+, each guest in your party must pay the $10 fee if they plan to use MaxPass services. Guests under 3 are still admitted into the parks for free.

Q. Should I use the MaxPass System?

A. Ultimately, Disneyland hopes that MaxPass will save guests time as they no longer have to walk to attractions to obtain FASTPASS tickets. For many families, especially those vacationing at Disneyland, this service might be worth the $10 per guest per day fee. On the other hand, annual passholders who live near Disneyland Parks and visit frequently may want to learn more about the add-on fee before deciding if they’d like to experience MaxPass benefits.

Disney fans can rest easy knowing that the FASTPASS system will remain intact at the Disneyland Parks. Thanks to Disney’s technological magic, though, guests can now consider if the perks of the soon-to-be-released MaxPass system might just work for their families.


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