Disney Changing Slogan For Walt Disney World Main Gate

walt disney world main gate

The famous Walt Disney World main gate sign is getting a makeover!

We all love to drive through that magical entrance, reminding us we are about to enter a world of magic and fantasy where dreams do come true. And now that iconic sign is getting a makeover just in time for the resort’s 50th anniversary! 

The sign right now features the castle over some clouds, white and blue flags and a slogan that says: “Where Dreams Come True,” the colors are very retro with red, yellow, purple and blue. Definitely a style that makes you feel nostalgic when you go through that gate.

And now the new style is more modern with colors like blue and gold to represent the 50th anniversary. The slogan is also changing to: “The Most Magical Place On Earth,” and the castle is being replaced with gold flags.

So next time your visit the Walt Disney World you might be welcome back with a whole new main gate sign!

Credit: Walt Disney World

Ana Leal

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