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Disney Dining Plans: What’s Included and How To Use Them

Disney Dining Plans: What's Included and How To Use Them

What are the Disney Dining Plans and what is included? The Disney Dining Packages, also known as the Disney Dining Plans, are options that can be added to any Walt Disney World Resort Vacation package.

As a guest at one of the Walt Disney World Resorts, you are able to get the dining plan one of two ways. You can add it to an existing reservation by modifying it or you can book a Disney Vacation Package and include one of the dining plans. By adding one of these dining plans, you are essentially pre-paying for your food for your vacation.

There are three different options that guests can add to their vacation packages. There is one for every budget and the different options work well depending on how you plan to eat while on vacation. The amount of credits that each person over 3 years old receives is based on length of stay, specifically the number of nights. Let’s take a closer look!

Disney Quick-Service Dining Plan

This dining plan is great for those on the go, who don’t want to make any dining reservations. This plan includes:

2 Quick Service Meals

2 Snacks

A Refillable Resort Mug which is eligible for refills at the Quick Service locations at your Resort

Disney Dining Plan

This plan includes the opportunity to dine on-the-go as well as at any of over 50 table service locations throughout Walt Disney World. With each night of stay, guests ages 3 and over will receive the following:

1 Quick Service Meal

1 Table Service Meal

2 Snacks

A refillable resort mug is also included and eligible for refills at your Resort Quick Service locations.

Disney Deluxe Dining Plan

With the Deluxe Dining Plan, guests can enjoy a full dining experience, from appetizer to dessert! This plan includes:

3 meals

2 snacks

A refillable resort mug is also included and eligible for refills at your Resort Quick Service locations.

What is included at each meal?

When you are using one of the dining plans, there are certain items that are included with each meal. When ordering a quick service meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, each guest gets:

  • 1 entrée
  • 1 non-alcoholic beverage (Guests 21 years of age or older can choose non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages)

When redeeming a table service meal for breakfast, each guest receives:

  • 1 entrée
  • 1 non-alcoholic beverage (Guests 21 years of age or older can choose non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages)


  • 1 full buffet or Family-style meal

For lunch or dinner, each guest receives:

  • 1 entrée
  • 1 dessert
  • 1 non-alcoholic beverage (Guests age 21 years of age or older can choose non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages)


  • 1 full buffet or Family-style meal


When choosing your beverage with your meals, did you know that you can choose specialty beverages if available to enjoy with your meal? Some examples include specialty milkshakes, smoothies, hot chocolate and more. For guests 21 and older, a single serving alcoholic beverage can be chosen including beer or cider, wine or sangria, or mixed drinks.


Using a dining plan, there are many places throughout the parks where guests are able to redeem snack credits. Some of my personal favorites include:

  • Ice cream cookie sandwich and many other ice cream treats
  • Dole Whips
  • Popcorn (I usually purchase the refillable Popcorn bucket and then use a snack credit to refill it)
  • Any size drink at Starbucks

How Do You Use It?

You can use your dining plan at many locations throughout the Walt Disney World Resort. Credits can be redeemed in three easy steps:

(1.) Choose a location – the meal plan is accepted at most locations and if you are looking for a snack, simply look for the Disney Dining Plan logo.

(2.) Show your Magic Band – when redeeming credits, you will be asked to scan your Magic Band when redeeming a quick service or snack credit and the cast member will scan your band if you are at a table service location.

(3.) Track your meal plan – you can keep track of all your meal plan credits using the My Disney Experience app or by looking at the bottom of any of your receipts

Did You Know?

Did you know that if you are using one of the Disney Dining Plans, character meals are one of the options for a table service meal? These meals are a great way to interact with many different characters and enjoy a great meal while utilizing your dining plan. Many only require one table service credit but please note, Cinderella’s Royal Table does require 2 credits per person.

Signature Dining Experiences are also available and dining plan credits can be used when dining at these elegant locations. Signature Dining Experiences require two table service credits and there is a dress code.

Dinner Shows are another way to utilize those table service meal credits. For each of the dinner shows, 2 table service credits will be redeemed.

In-Room Dining and Pizza Delivery are also included with the meal plans. For these experiences, 2 table service credits will be redeemed from the meal plan for each meal ordered. With pizza delivery, 2 table service credits will be redeemed for each delivery.

Please note, there are some things that are NOT included with the meal plans:

  • Any item that is more than a single serving such as a box of doughnuts
  • Popcorn or beverages served in a souvenir container
  • Items sold from recreational rental counters
  • Items considered to be merchandise
  • Special dining events offered at certain table service locations

Please remember, when dining at any table service locations, advanced reservations are HIGHLY recommended and can be made up to 180 days in advance.

The Disney Dining Plans are a great addition to your Walt Disney World vacation package and allow you to have an all-inclusive feel to your Walt Disney World vacation! In my opinion, this addition is worth it!

Ready to explore everything there is to see (and eat) at one of the Disney Destinations? Let’s get started creating some magic and planning your next vacation! As an agent with Key to the World Travel, the official travel partner of Disney Addicts and Chip and Co., I can help you plan your trip to any Disney Destination and beyond! Contact me today at k.greer@keytotheworldtravel.com or fill out the quote request form below. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram too for all the latest news and planning tips.

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