Disney’s Polynesian Resort Reimagination Will Include Moana Inspired Designs!

Disney's Polynesian Resort retheme Moana

Disney’s Polynesian Resort will be reimagined to include Moana and we can’t help to wonder how far they’ll go!

The resort is set to go under refurbishment in October and will be close until summer 2021. The work will include changes to the Great Ceremonial House and guest rooms.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the re-theme of the resort will be inspired by Moana, adding a pacific ocean color palette, as well as, details and patterns that will transport you to the island of Motunui.

Disney's Polynesian Resort

The Villas and Bungalows will remain open during this refurbishment so they probably won’t be reimagined to Moana for now.

Disney's Polynesian Resort

But when it comes to food, we have some good news. Tambu Lounge is now open! This enchanting watering hole offers tropical drinks and Hawaiian inspired appetizers like exotic flatbreads and flavorful barbecue pork and island themed specialty cocktails!

Keep checking back for more updates about Disney’s Polynesian Resort re-theme to Moana and other changes.

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