How to Get 5 of Your Favorite Disney Snacks While the Parks are Closed

What I wouldn’t do for a Mickey ice cream bar right now! Disney snack withdrawals are for real and hitting me hard these days. I’ve discovered ways to get my favorite Disney snacks even while the parks are closed. Whether it’s making the snacks myself or finding them at the local grocery store, there are ways to satisfy your Disney snack cravings!

dole whip

Dole Whip

This is a snack you can easily make at home. Disney recently released their Dole Whip recipe! It’s super simple and tastes just like the ones at the park.

Mickey Ice Cream Bar

Next time you’re out on a grocery run, check to see if your local grocery store carries Mickey Ice Cream Bars! I found these at Fred Meyer (my local Kroger grocery store). They are slightly smaller than the ones at the parks but taste just as good!

Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich

Just like the Mickey Ice Cream Bars, I found these Mickey Ice Cream Sandwiches at my local grocery store! Next time you go out shopping or place an online grocery order, check to see if your store offers these.

DIsneyland dining churros


The smell of churros always makes me think of Disneyland! This is another snack you can now make at home thanks to Disney. They released their official recipe so we can bring the flavors of the parks into our homes.

Cheshire Cat Tail

Walmart sells a very similar pastry called the Marketside Chocolate Chip Twist. It doesn’t have the colorful icing on it like the Chesire Cat Tail does but you can easily add that yourself!

What are your favorite Disney parks snacks? Let us know in the comments!

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