8 Tips to Stay Comfortable While Wearing a Mask at Disneyland

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With the recent reopening of Disney Springs and Shanghai Disneyland, we are getting a first glimpse of what Disneyland could look like upon reopening. One thing has become clear- masks will likely be required for guests and cast members. While we understand masks or face coverings may not be the most ideal or comfortable for everyone (especially small children), there are definitely ways to maximize comfort while wearing one.

Here are our 8 best tips for wearing a mask at Disneyland.

1. Wear your sunscreen- We all know that the California heat can be brutal, and wearing a face covering or mask may intensify the heat, so the last thing you’d want is a sunburn! Make sure to cover your ears, and make sure to reapply throughout the day.

2. Bring some mints or menthol cough drops- A face covering or mask can really make you feel stuffy, try popping a mint or menthol cough drop to refresh your breath.

3. Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water- Again, California heat can be brutal, and adding a face-covering could cause you to sweat more than usual. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day and stay hydrated.

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4. Use a cooling fan or cooling towel- Cooling fans and towels can really help keep you cool on a hot day. You can purchase the cooling fan pictured above on Shop Disney, or inside the park. It’s amazing what a mist of cool air can do to keep you comfortable on a hot day.

5. Bring a hair tie- If you have long hair, you will probably want to wear it up.  With the added heat a mask or face covering may bring, you’ll likely be more comfortable with your hair off of your neck and ears.

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6. Protect your ears- For some, it may be more comfortable to wear a mask or face covering that secures around the head instead of around the ears. “Ear savers” can also be purchased or made to make the mask more comfortable and not irritate the ears. Try these methods out and see what’s more comfortable for you.

7. Wear contacts instead of eyeglasses if possible- Let’s face it, you will already have your face mostly covered- having eyeglasses in addition to your face covering could feel like overkill. If possible, ditch the glasses and wear contacts.

8. Take breaks indoors- Be sure to take “mask breaks” in designated areas when needed. Going for a table service meal is a great way to get out of the heat, take off your mask, and take a breather.

While we completely understand that not everyone is enthusiastic about the new guidelines, if we follow some of these tips we can remain as comfortable as [possible while still enjoying the happiest place on Earth! Make sure to check out the masks for sale on Shop Disney!

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