What is Going On With the Buses at Hollywood Studios?

Hollywood Studios Bus

If you’ve taken a bus to Hollywood Studios lately you’ll understand the frustration of many of our readers. It’s a mess. Not only is it a mess, but it’s also chaotic. When planning your next visit to Hollywood Studios you’ll want to keep this in mind when headed to the park.

In the summer, construction began on the brand new Skyliner, a gondola style transportation system that will connect Art of Animation, Pop Century, Caribbean Beach, Epcot and Hollywood Studios. As a result, the old bus stations have been demolished and a temporary drop off has been put in place. While it is nice to still have bus transportation to the Park during this transitional time, the current drop off is quite far from the main entrance.
The construction walls are an eyesore but they are clearly marked which is nice.Hs bus
When you exit your bus head to the left and follow the walls to the entrance. It’s a hike. We measured it at 563 steps from the drop off to the main entrance, (which, for those of you who don’t track your steps, equates to about ¼ mile.) This is something you’ll definitely want to keep in mind if you’re mobility impaired or if (like me) you plan your visit to Hollywood Studios several days into your trip and have aching feet.

Hike to HS


If this absolutely will not work for you, there are options. Driving to the park yourself really doesn’t get you much closer as the tram stop is still a bit of a hike, just in the other direction. The closest drop off to the main entrance currently are the Minnie Vans and Taxi services.

Minnie Van Sign

Hindsight being 20/20 and all the walk really isn’t so bad but I found that not knowing how far or where exactly to go made the process a bit frustrating. Never fear though, once the Skyliner is completed a new bus depot will open that is much closer than the make shift one currently in place, so there are only a few months left with this current setup.

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