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Disney DIY – Create Your Own Trip Momento Display!

When I got back from my most recent Walt Disney World Vacation, I experienced a HEAVY case of the “Post Disney Blues” – and since I knew planning another trip wasn’t really an option right now, I did the next best thing – and DIY’d myself a little Disney Magic – in the form of a Trip Momento Display! It was SUPER easy to do, check out how I did it:

-A Shadow Box – I actually used a “T shirt display box” – which was much cheaper and on sale at my local Michael’s Craft Store!
-Background Paper – I used Mickey Scrapbook paper I had laying around, and also used some cutout parts of Theme Park Maps I had brought home from Disney
-Trip Momentos! This is the fun supply – and it can be anything – photos, maps, Magic Bands, Pins, Character Autographs, Stickers, and whatever else you can think of!
-Scissors/Glue – Just some basic crafting supplies to get things cut out and affixed to your shadow box


-I started by cutting things out, and arranging them on the background paper, re-working as needed until I found a layout I liked and that fit all the things I wanted to include
-Then I affixed the bigger/heavier items first – the Magic Band was tacked in place by the larger pins, and from there I added in the smaller things around them using glue
-Once it was done, I popped it into the frame and hung it proudly on my wall!

There’s really no “right” way to do this, instruction wise, it’s really just collecting some of your favorite trip memories and arranging them the way you want and affixing them to the back of the shadow box/display frame. It’s a great way to keep yourself busy and distract from how much you’re missing Disney, and it’s a great addition to any wall in your home!

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