Why Men Should Plan a “Guys Trip” to Disney

Walt Disney World Resort is a wonderful place for people of all ages to enjoy a vacation. However, more people have been planning adults only trips in recent years. Maybe it’s because these adults have never taken a trip to Disney without family, but going to Disney World with friends is a lot of fun! Here are some reasons men should plan a “guys trip” to Walt Disney World!

Theme Parks

Some guys never had the chance to visit Disney as a kid themselves. But going with a group of friends can help make it an experience they’ll never forget. You can still be a kid at heart by having a day of adventure at the Disney Parks. There is such a lighthearted feeling to be amongst friends visiting the most magical place on Earth.

Traveling around World Showcase at Epcot

Nothing beats good food and drinks with friends. Especially when mixed with the rides and entertainment at Epcot!

It’s not the most common type of Disney vacation, but groups of friends visit the parks every day! Epcot is a great place to go because of the festivals and music offerings. Also, it’s close to the Disney Boardwalk if you want to head there for fun.

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Golfing at Disney World

How about a game of golf? Disney World offers some of the nation’s best golf courses, so it’s worth checking out for yourself! Playing a game with your friends is a great way to start the day. Plus, you can head out for dinner and drinks at Disney Springs afterwards.

Of course, if you do go with family, then you can also give mom a break by taking the kids around the park for a while!

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