Your Kids can Learn from Home with Disney Nature

Many families are either homeschooling or learning from home this school year thanks to COVID-19. Disney Nature offers educational materials for curriculum, lesson plans, and fun activities that continue the viewing experience for families and students grades 2-6 while inspiring a desire to protect the planet through connections to nature.

These materials go along with Disney Nature’s movies on Disney+. There are materials to go along with 4 Disney Nature films as well as some animated Disney films like Finding Dory, Moana, and The Jungle Book.

Disney Nature Elephant offers an Activity Packet and an Educator’s Guide for download. The Educator’s Guide has 6 lessons about elephants with adaptations for different grade levels. The activity packet has a few activities to go along with the guide.

Disney Nature Dolphin Reef also has an Activity Packet with 7 pages of activities and an Educator’s Guide with 6 lessons. You’ll also find some quick facts about Dolphins in the guide.

Disney Nature Penguins has a great Activity Packet with 15 pages full of fun activities to help your kids learn more about penguins. The Educator’s Guide offers 6 extensive lesson plans with adaptations for specific grade levels.

Disney Nature Born in China teaches about different animals that inhabit China. The Educator’s Guide features 7 lessons all about the Giant Panda, the Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey, the Snow Leopard, and the Red-Crowned Crane. The Activity Pack has extra information along with 5 exciting activities.

If your kids are watching Finding Dory and want to know more about the different fish, there’s an Activity Packet and Educator’s Guide for that too! You’ll learn all about the different species from the movie through fun activities and even learn how to select the right pet fish.

The Activity Packet and Educator’s Guide for Moana teach about storytelling, wayfinding, and the ocean. You can make your own manta ray, craft a canoe out of paper, and map your own adventure!

The Jungle Book has three different educational materials available! There is an Activity Packet with fun activities like animal leaf art and a matching memory challenge. The Educator’s Guide features 4 lessons for grades 4 through 8. And there is also an Animal Facts downloadable. 15 pages of facts about different animals.

All of these materials would be fantastic for a zoology course! We are homeschooling this year and my kids love learning all about animals. We will definitely be putting these free materials to use. You can find all of these downloadable guides here. They are a great way to include a little bit of Disney magic in your learning!