55 Incredible Movie and TV Show Collections Available on Disney+

Sifting through movies and shows on Disney+ can feel endless at times. Disney has thought ahead and has made your sifting a whole lot easier. Redditor u/DaLoneSheep took some time to build a collection… of all the collections that are available on the platform. Keep in mind that some of these collections may not be available in your country!

  1. Action and Adventure**
  2. Animals and Nature
  3. Beasts and Monsters
  4. Celebrate Black Stories
  5. Country Favorites
  6. Disney Animated Movie Franchises
  7. Disney Channel
  8. Disney Channel Original Movies
  9. Disney Fairies
  10. Disney Junior
  11. Disney Through The Decades
  12. Disney XD
  13. Disneynature
  14. Donald Duck
  15. Hit Movies
  16. Holiday Stories
  17. Marvel Franchises
  18. Mickey and Friends
  19. Movie Franchises
  20. Musicals
  21. National Geographic Animals and Nature
  22. National Geographic Exploring Our World
  23. Pixar Franchises
  24. Princesses
  25. Spectacular Super Heroes
  26. Sports Movies
  27. Star Wars
  28. The Simpsons
  29. Walt Disney Animation Studios

*Only accessible in certain regions
**Only accessible in a Kids Profile

With a list this comprehensive, you’re sure to find something to enjoy in no time! These lists are always changing so you’ll always find something — whatever your mood is or the people you’re with.


The list was created and compiled by reddit u/DaLoneSheep

Danielle H