6 Facts About the 1973 Classic: Robin Hood

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6 Facts About the 1973 Classic: Robin Hood 1

On November 8th, 1973 – Disney released the classic, reimagined tale of Robin Hood – and Oo-de-lally, golly what a film it is! With a budget of 5 million, the film did quite well at the box office, taking in over 9.5 million! I am no gatekeeper regarding which Disney films are the most crucial for fans to watch. There are quite a lot of them and depending on when you were raised or who raised you, determined what films you were exposed to! If you want to branch out and delve into the classics, Robin Hood is a great one to choose from. It has held up over time and contains no Content Advisory. To top it all off, it is a wonderful retelling of Robin Hood and his gang who want nothing but to take from the rich and give to the poor – and maybe cause some mischief along the way!

Looking for some facts about this favorite? Check out the list below!

6 Facts About the 1973 Classic: Robin Hood 2
  1. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!
    • Let’s start with one of the most popular facts about this film. Eagle-eyed Disney fans are always quick to recognize a familiar scene. During the dance sequence ‘The Phony King of England’, you can recognize similar dances from Aristocats and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs! This is a cost-saving measure in animation called ‘rotoscoping’ where old footage is traced over.
  2. Childish Tendencies
    • Does Prince John seem a tad… babyish to you? Well, this is no coincidence! Prince John was very spoiled by his father King Henry II. The real Prince John would later attempt to take his brother’s throne but would be unsuccessful in his attempt. He did eventually become king, due to his brother’s untimely death.
  3. Academy Award Nominated
    • The song, that is! Love by George Bruns and Floyd Huddleston was nominated for an Academy Award!
  4. A Change in Character
    • A really interesting note is that Friar Tuck was supposed to be animated as a Pig instead of a Badger! This would later be changed so as to not insult the church. This wouldn’t be the only character with a change in look! The Sheriff of Nottingham was intended to be a goat but was changed to a wolf – as predators have a more villainous appearance.
  5. Collegiate Influences
    • Do we have any sports fans? Not one, but two popular college fight songs are used in Robin Hood! During the Tournament of the Golden Arrow, the University of Southern California’s “Fight On” can be heard! Later, when Lady Kluck is fighting off Prince Johns’s men, you can hear “On Wisconsin” from the University of Wisconsin-Madison! Is Robin Hood secretly a football fan favorite?
  6. Animals First
    • This was the first Disney film since 1942’s Bambi to feature no humans! Though they do act as humans – we count that as a win for the animals.

Did we miss your favorite fact? Leave them in the comments below!

Image: Disney

6 Facts About the 1973 Classic: Robin Hood 3

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