7 Fun Details You’ll Find at the Newly Re-Imagined Lamplight Lounge in Pixar Pier

Lamplight Lounge

Its been a few short weeks since Lamplight Lounge at the recently re-imagined Pixar Pier opened its doors to Disneyland visitors and we’re already in love.  This eatery offers table service dining, gastro-pub cuisine and breathtaking views of Paradise Bay.  Another terrific aspect of Lamplight Lounge is all of the history woven into the incredible details of this restaurant which pay tribute to the storytellers of Pixar’s beloved films.

Imagineers created an atmosphere that celebrates the creativity, inspiration and personalities of the artists who bring these stories to life.  From the artwork on your drink coaster to the memorabilia that adorns the walls,  it is the attention to detail that makes this one of our new go-to spots at California Adventure Park.  To give you a taste of the wonderful theming and decor of the Lamplight Lounge, here are 7 of our favorite fun facts about the property.

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1. Each Film Requires Lots of Marketing Which You’ll Find on Display.  Visitors will discover lots of film-related memorabilia along the walls of the Lamplight Lounge.  This includes concept art, reference material, props and reference materials.  You’ll find it all here in abundance.  Films represented include“WALL•E,” “Toy Story” and “Ratatouille.” For instance, one of our favorite details is the pair of shoes attached to a flat board that you’ll find at the restaurant.  This was actually created by an Imagineer who was trying to figure out how the Green Army men would move in the Toy Story films.

2. T-shirts Are Created For the Different Departments Working on a Film – You’ll see in the picture above a case containing a t-shirt.  This item was made for one of the departments working on the project to celebrate the film.  The t-shirts on display throughout the restaurant are examples of an accomplishment, inside joke or even a department’s impression of working on the film.  The t-shirts really convey a sense of all of the different departments that must come together to create a Pixar film.

Lamplight Lounge

3. Early Sketchwork is on Display Throughout the Restaurant – Look up during your visit to the Lamplight Lounge to check out the beautiful chandelier.  This features sketch artwork and film quotes from Pixar films including “Coco,” “Finding Nemo” and “The Incredibles” just to name a few.  The design (similar to the one found in the lobby at Art of Animation Resort in Disney World) features blank pages at the top to represent starting with a blank slate which gradually turns to images you know and love from your favorite Pixar films.

4. Some of the Furniture in the Lamplight Lounge Represents the Decor of Pixar Animation Studios – For the interior of the restaurant, designers drew their inspiration from items already found in Pixar Animation Studios.  A great example of this is that one of the dining tables inside the restaurant was created to closely replicated the “Cars” table located in one of the conference rooms at the Studios.

Lamplight Lounge

5. Every Toy Has a Story – In the restaurant, above the dining tables, guests will notice shelves of toys that have been pulled from the Pixar archives.  Below the shelves, you’ll find design comments and notes between Pixar and the toy manufacturers in order to ensure that each design is as accurate as possible.  Each toy will go through many rounds before its ready to go public.

6. Some of Pixar’s Favorite Easter Eggs Can Also be Found at the Lamplight – When looking over the Lamplight Lounge menu, you’ll notice references to Pixar Animation Studios and the films.  For instance, the Park Avenue cocktail is actually a reference to the street name of the Pixar Animations Studios address in Emeryville, California. Goofball Island (non-alocholic drink) pays tribute to one of Riley’s personality islands in the film “Inside Out.”

7. Handwritten Notes Show the Work The Goes Into A Film’s Creation.  Be on the lookout for handwritten notes especially in the chandelier and in the hallway leading to the restrooms.  These quotes were actually handwritten by Pixar Employees including the now infamous “Where. Is. My. Super. Suit!” from “The Incredibles.”

These are just some of the fun creative touches you’ll find at the Lamplight Lounge and throughout Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure Park.  For a look at the incredible dishes you’ll find on offer here check out this article.

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7 Fun Details You'll Find at the Newly Re-Imagined Lamplight Lounge in Pixar Pier 1

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7 Fun Details You'll Find at the Newly Re-Imagined Lamplight Lounge in Pixar Pier 2 7 Fun Details You'll Find at the Newly Re-Imagined Lamplight Lounge in Pixar Pier 3 7 Fun Details You'll Find at the Newly Re-Imagined Lamplight Lounge in Pixar Pier 4 7 Fun Details You'll Find at the Newly Re-Imagined Lamplight Lounge in Pixar Pier 5

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