A Reflection on How Disney Can Help Us Heal


A Reflection on How Disney Can Help Us Heal 1

Life can throw some punches and knock us down a bit from time to time. We all have been there. Its good to have ways to cope with these things in life. To set aside time to take a break from the daily hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, and stress. A perfect way to do that is to plan a vacation. What better place than to Disney, for a little of that Disney Magic to help us remember to say Hakuna Matata, and leave our worries behind for a while. While it might not fix everything in our lives, it can help us remember to live. To unwind and actually for a moment enjoy life and all it has to offer. Disney is healing folks. Here is a reflection on how Disney can help us heal.

A Reflection on How Disney Can Help Us Heal 2A Reflection on How Disney Can Help Us Heal 3

Disney is therapeutic to me. A little personal story, so it took my husband and me seven years to have a baby. We went through a lot of struggles and heartache and once we found out we were pregnant we went to Disney to celebrate. We made the baby Mickey ears that said Baby Languirand and started making our plans to one day bring our little one to our favorite place on earth. When that day finally came it was pure joy in our hearts. Seeing him wearing those ears bringing him to meet Mickey for the first time, seeing the wonder and amazement in our son’s eyes was intensely healing and fulfilling to me. It was a full circle. That Disney Magic was larger than life experiencing Disney with our child. Watching my son take some of his first steps to Mickey and Minnie gave me all the feels. Disney has a way of making these special moments in people’s lives.

A Reflection on How Disney Can Help Us Heal 4 A Reflection on How Disney Can Help Us Heal 5

Sometimes it’s a generational tradition, that your grandparents used to bring your parents to Disney. Then your parents brought you, now you bring your kids and if lucky enough with the grandparents too.  But after losing a loved one you carry on that tradition because it helps you heal; helps you feel closer to them and honor them. Or your trip is to celebrate success in your life after a hard time. Whatever the case may be I know I’ve heard it time and time again how Disney can actually help people heal. It can be cathartic. Look at the Disney Fairytale Weddings for instance so many of them have a story of healing through a trip to Disney, which made it so important for them to celebrate their most special day at the happiest place on earth.

A Reflection on How Disney Can Help Us Heal 6

Disney gives you a unique ability to escape which is a good coping tool to use at times, in healthy ways. To recharge, and slow down and remember what’s really important in life. It gives you designated quality time to spend with family and friends; when sometimes we take that for granted. From exhilarating rides to breathtaking shows, and laughs that go round and round. It can help you release endorphins in your brain that in turn can actually make you feel happy! Being outside in the sunshine, walking more than we usually do, not focusing on work, and instead on pleasure. This can be a great stress relief. Its honestly the perfect recipe to feel better, to feel happiness.

A Reflection on How Disney Can Help Us Heal 7

So how has Disney helped you through something? Let’s open this up and share and inspire others to take the time to make it a priority in life to spend more time with family and friends slow down, vacation if you can. How has Disney been healing for you? We would love to hear your thoughts and stories? I hope you have enjoyed some of my family pictures at Disney. We would love to see yours! Regardless of what you do to cope and heal remember how important self-care is, and to take the time to do the thing because life is to short not to.

A Reflection on How Disney Can Help Us Heal 8

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Jenna-Lee Languirand


  1. I think that this has been true for our family. Until we moved from California this past May, Disneyland was a staple for my family. We had Annual Passes for years and would go multiple times a week. It became even more special to us in 2013 after my daughter first diagnosed with cancer. Over the past 7 years, she has battled cancer off and on. During all those times, Disneyland was our place of joy and happiness. Where we escaped from the bad days, and where we celebrated the good. Some may never understand just how much Disneyland means to us (and that is okay), but it will always be special for us. Now that we live in the mid-west, we miss Disneyland tremendously and cherish all of the happy moments that we had there. In May 2019 we went to WDW for the first time…and we can not wait to go back.

  2. This article hit home. We had just arrived on February 12, 2020….we’re planning to go to Magic Kingdom on the 18th. This would be my parents Disney day with the last grandchild. My 5 year old nephew. Unfortunately, on February 13, 2020 dad passed away, we had about 24 hours there together. He was 81 years old.
    The night before he passed we had read a Disney devotional about Main Street U.S.A. Being fashioned after Walt’s hometown, it talked about how wherever family is, it is home. But, nothing can compare to our eternal home in heaven. It was beautiful.
    The next day my dad was gone.
    You never know what life is going to bring. We were sad to not have the trip we had planned. But I believe God always has a plan, and it was His timing, not ours. Yet, God is good.
    And, we already have planned that we WILL go back, and experience Magic Kingdom together with my nephew. Grandpa would have wanted us too. And, It is my prayer that it brings about healing when the time comes.
    I love Disney, and the happiness it brings. I believe my family will experience that happiness when it is time, even though we will miss dad dearly.

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