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Dining Plan

So the question is this…if you happen to be traveling with a group of people but everyone doesn’t have the Disney Dining Plan, can you split the bill?  The answer is an unqualified YES!!  Since I have been in this exact situation I have first hand experience and I am happy to tell you that it is no big deal!  What you will want to do is make sure that your server knows from the beginning that you will be having separate checks, this way no mistakes will be made….you do not want them using all of your dining credits on the other guests!

So, this is the plan…make your reservations and show up 10 minutes early (you never know if you can be seated ahead of time!) and check in with the host or hostess.  Once you are seated let your server know how many checks there will be and point out who will be grouped together.  It’s a good idea to let them know who has the dining plan and who doesn’t at this point as well…helps to avoid confusion at the end!

Then, sit back and enjoy your meal!  When the time comes to pay just make sure that your check is correct and pay away…I love being able to use my magic band to pay for dinner, so easy!  Once again, I would like to caution that it is really important to let your server know at the beginning about the division of checks.  I have also had personal experience with having my dining credits used for other guests that we were dining with…they thought we were wonderful for paying for their dinner, but inside all I could think was that now we had to do some dining credit magic to make it last for the rest of out trip!

So, do you have personal experience with splitting a bill at Disney?  Share your experience below!

We love using the dining plan when we are visiting Disney World!  What about you?  If you interested, I will be happy to keep my eye open for the free dining specials for you…shoot me an email at stepheniemarshall@worldofmagictravel.com!  I would love to help you plan your next magical adventure!

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