8 Facts about Pixar’s ‘Monsters, Inc.’!

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Released on November 2nd, 2001, Pixar found a way to bring Monsters out of our closets into our hearts. Over 20 years since its release and it has remained a fan favorite, leading to a successful prequel along with several shorts. In the end, you can break down the theme of Monsters, Inc. to one simple phrase – “You Can’t Judge a Book By its Cover”. If this is one of your favorite Disney films, there are so many great facts about this beloved film that some fans of the film may not know! Check the list down below for some of our favorite Monsters, Inc. facts.

  1. The True Boo
    • Many inquisitive fans may already know, but if I am lucky enough to break it to you, I consider it an honor. Boos real name is Mary! Her name can be seen on a variety of drawings and papers. Her name may be Mary, but she’ll always be Boo to us!
  2. So Long Sulley
    • According to a MentalFloss article, “Robert Schnakenberg’s The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray, [Bill Murray] tested for the role of Sulley.” The producers worked to offer him a role, but he simply couldnt be reached. The proudcers took the lack of reply as a ‘No’. There wouldve been something magical about a Ghostbuster playing a monster, right?
  3. Long Live the Blooper
    • Monsters, Inc. was the last Pixar film to contain a blooper reel at the end of the film.
  4. One Classic of Many
    • Did you know that Monsters, Inc. was one of 3 other “little” films manifested over lunch with some Pixar creators? Curious about those other films? Oh, just Finding Nemo, Wall-E, and A Bugs Life.
  5. Little Boo
    1. Boo was meant to be a 6 year old, yet writers re-wrote her to be younger so that she would be more dependent on Sulley.
  6. One Famous Voice
    • There is more than one famous voice but one makes a quiet appearance and is never truly spoken of. The voice of Yoda, Miss Piggy, Bert from Sesame Street – Frank Oz voices Fungus, the assistant for Randall.
  7. A Short from a Feature
    • The Monsters, Inc. short, “Mike’s New Car?” was originally supposed to be apart of the original feature film.
  8. Better Together
    • Normally when recording for an animated film, actors record separately – whether it be in different booths, different times, or even in different places altogether. The same cannot be said for John Goodman (who played Sulley) and Billy Crystal (who played Mike). The actors chose to record their lines together!

Have any favorite Monster’s, Inc. facts we missed? Write them in the comments below!

Picture: Disney

8 Facts about Pixar's 'Monsters, Inc.'! 1

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