Few Things You Need to Know Before Becoming a Cast Member

Cast Member
Cast Member

Few Things You Need to Know Before Becoming a Cast Member

As Disney Addicts, we have all had the thought cross our mind a time or two, “What would it be like to become a Cast Member?”  Well, just like any company there are a few things that you should know before you decide to become a cast member.

The Walt Disney Company prides itself on its appearance, so the following policies should be of no surprise to anyone wanting to join the company, but they are still very important to mention.  Note: The Walt Disney Company takes their appearances very seriously and all rules must be abided by.

Social Media

It is very important to note that if you become a cast member, you are not allowed to discuss anything on social media. Disney feels as if this will forfeit any magic the company exudes if details are posted on social media.  In fact, they feel this so deeply, breaking this policy can result in consequences, including termination from the company.  So, if you are someone who shares your whole life on social media, this is not the job for you.


It should be no surprise that Disney prides itself on appearances.  I have noticed how polished they look every time I visit the parks and resorts.  There’s a reason for that!

Hair: Male Cast Members must have short hair so that it does not go over their ears or the collar of their shirts. Female Cast Members must have their hair neat. In addition, neither party is allowed to have any “loud” colored hair or any jewels/beads in their hair.

Nails: Female cast members nails can only be a certain length past the fingertip whereas the male cast member nails can’t be past the fingertip.

Costumes: All costumes are checked out from costuming at the beginning of their shift and then returned for cleaning/pressing at the end of their shift.  No Costumes are allowed to leave the property. This ensures all guidelines are followed and looking in pristine condition for the next shift.

Name Tags: If a cast member forgets their name tag, they use one of the “loaner” tags and answer to a different name all day. It is all part of looking the part in each role and setting the appropriate image that Disney wants the guests to associate with their cast members.

Tattoos/Piercings: When Walt Disney started this company, he wanted everyone’s appearance to be conservative and represent everything that he believed, this includes tattoos.  In Disney policy, there are no visible tattoos allowed.  In addition, female cast members are only allowed to have ear piercings on the bottom part of the ear lobe, whereas male cast members can’t have piercings at all.

The Disney Point: Just like the rest of your appearance, your mannerisms are also an important aspect of becoming a cast member.  We have all noticed the cast members pointing with two fingers rather than one.  Fun fact: It is considered rude in some cultures to point with one finger, so the Disney point is more universally friendly.


The cleanliness of the parks is a major priority for both the company and Walt Disney himself. While there is a custodial staff that patrols regularly to keep the parks clean, it is still an effort by all- no matter your ranking in the company.  Walt felt as if trash makes the park look messy and dingy, not to mention it can be a safety hazard.  Plus, a clean park makes guests continue to return to the most magical place on earth.

Are you thinking of becoming a cast member?  Do these policies bother you?  While we are sure there are plenty more, these surface policies are extremely important to keep the magic alive and must be followed by all.

Few Things You Need to Know Before Becoming a Cast Member 1

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