Get Ready For Spring With These Disney Easter Eggs!

disney easter eggs

This Spring, add a touch of magic to your egg hunt with these Disney Easter Eggs!

An egg hunt is a fun activity for everyone, whether you like to decorate the eggs or hunt for them, you will love these printables inspired by some of your favorite Disney Princesses.

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How far will you go to find these adorable eggs inspired by Moana and Hei Hei? Hopefully you don’t have to cross the whole ocean to find them!


Tiana and Naveen are waiting for you to find them! Keep going, you are almost there!


Travel into the unknown to find these adorable Elsa and Olaf eggs!


Get down to business and find these Easter eggs inspired by Mulan and Li Shang!

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Cute right? If you want to download these Disney Easter Eggs printables you can do it here!


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