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Looking for a fun way to put aside money each month to pay for your vacation? The folks at Disney have you covered with their Disney Vacation Account.  This slightly under-the-radar savings tool, allows wanna-be vacation goers to create a Disney vacation budget and arrange for regular payments to be made each month into a savings account used to pay off your trip to the Mouse.  Consider it a layaway – Disney style!


How does it work?  

  • Guests who visit the Disney Vacation Account website will first need to create an account or log-in with their existing Disney account (the same one you would use for My Disney Experience).
  • From there, you will be automatically redirected to Disney’s budget calculator where you will be asked to establish a monthly Disney savings budget based on how much you would like to spend on your vacation as well as the length of time you have to save before your departure date.
  • A tool on the Disney Vacation Account website will then determine how much you should be paying in either  1 week, 2 week or 4 week installments in order to reach this goal .
  • Then  you set up your monthly payment plan (using a credit or a debit card) and you’re all set.

It’s saving made easy. Once your account has been set up successfully and Disney has started to take payment, Scrooge McDuck and friends will be on hand to monitor your progress and help you stick to your savings goals.

Vacation Account


Can I make a one-off payment?  Yes.  Once your account is set up and your monthly payment has been arranged, account holders do have the option of making one-off payments and can even deposit the value of Disney Gift Cards toward reaching your savings goal.

What can the money I’ve saved be used for?  The money that you save with your Disney Vacation Account can be used toward your balance owed on Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Lines, Aulani and Adventures by Disney packages.  This may also include Good Neighbor hotels, resort and ticket only reservations, flights and dining if booked through Disney.  At this time Disney Vacation Account funds can not be used for dining reservations outwith the dining plan, any in-resort or in park purchases or any other add-ons or special events.

Is there a cost involved? No.  There are no set-up or maintenance fees for account holders.  The service is absolutely free to use.

Is it safe to use?  Yes. Everything is done above-board and through Disney’s website.  Its is essentially a savings account and for that reason is FDIC insured.  However users should exercise the same caution to protect your identity and passwords as you would with any financial institution.

What happens if I decide not to go on a Disney vacation? You can ask for a partial or total refund at any time and there is no charge to do this.  Though Disney does reserve the right to limit the amount of partial refunds that are requested.

How do I use my account to pay for my Disney vacation?  Account holders will be given a Disney Vacation Account number.  When you are ready to make a payment on your holiday (Disney  requires this to be done no later than 40 days before departure)  you simply phone Disney, log onto your My Disney Experience account or contact your travel agent to arrange payment as usual using your account number instead of your credit card number.

Are there any benefits to setting up a Disney Vacation Account? The account is designed to appeal to those who want to enjoy the fun of saving with Disney for a Disney vacation.  Account holders are able to track their payments online using the fun Disney interface.  Disney will also send account holders free tips to help you budget and plan for your holiday.  As an added incentive, savers will also receive a $20 Disney Gift Card for every $1000 saved in the Vacation Account.  This is a great incentive for people who know they will be putting a hefty chunk aside for their upcoming vacation.  However it should be noted that there is a $500 cap put on the Disney Gift Card discount.  It should also be noted that they only offer Gift Cards at $1000 increments.  So those saving $1900 will still only receive a $20 gift card.  You need to reach the targets exactly or go over them to receive another Gift Card

What is the downside of using a Disney Vacation Account?  Let’s be honest, this is quite simply Disney’s version of a layaway plan.  Those interested in doing their saving with a Disney Vacation Account are doing so primarily for the added Disney magic involved. What Disney fan wouldn’t like budgeting reminders and tips from Huey, Dewey and Louie? Or Scrooge McDuck tracking your progress with a graph to show you how much you’ve saved?   There’s something about saving with Disney that makes going to Disney feel like more of a reality.  But what Disney makes-up for with fun, it lacks in maximizing your savings.  Your DVA is a non-interest bearing account so those looking to set aside large amounts of money over a lengthy period of time may find that it makes more sense to use savings accounts with higher interest rates.  Also the account cannot be used on any hotels, transportation, tickets, flights or car rentals that have not been booked directly with Disney. Finally, if you do ask for a refund you won’t have immediate access to your funds.  Expect it to take 5 business days.

Also, a brief  word of caution about using your Disney Visa or any credit card to make regular Disney Vacation Account payments. By doing this early,  you begin accruing credit card interest on a holiday that is already quite expensive.  As tempting as it may be- its is definitely not a cost-effective way of using the service.

So, if you’re planning on a Disney vacation and are looking for creative ways to save, Disney Vacation Account presents a fun option designed to keep you motivated Disney-style.  It’s ideal for those who want to save over a lengthy periods of time, want the security of knowing that their funds can only be used toward their holiday and for those that often buy gift cards and combine them to pay for their trips  However, the financial gurus in the bunch or those hoping to accrue interest whilst saving for their vacation may find more sensible ways of paying off their holiday elsewhere.


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