How to Capture a Sought-After Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group

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Rise of the Resistance opened to the public in December 2019. Today, it remains one of the most popular and sought-after attractions throughout Walt Disney World. So much so, that joining a virtual queue is still the only way to experience this attraction. Guests must plan ahead if this ride is on their must-do list, as obtaining a boarding group can be difficult. While there is no guarantee using any tips or tricks will secure that coveted boarding group, it helps to know what works for others. Let’s go over everything you need to know about how to snag that boarding group!

When can I try for a boarding group? Guests with valid tickets and Hollywood Studios park pass reservations have their first chance to join the virtual queue at 7 am the day of the park pass reservation. Guests can do this from the comfort of their hotel room. It is very important to have the My Disney Experience app downloaded and ready to go, and have all eligible members of the traveling group linked to the account. Keep in mind all guests wishing to ride must have valid tickets and park reservations for that day.

  1. Open the My Disney Experience App and make sure you are signed in (I would do this by 6:55 am to be safe)
  2. Keep a timer going, or set up the world clock on another device so you can track time by the second
  3. Immediately at 7 am on the dot click the join button to join a virtual queue
  4. All eligible members of your party that are linked to your account through your family and friends list with valid tickets and reservations will be added
  5. Hit the join button again
  6. You will either get your Boarding Group number or a message that the queue has been filled
  7. You will get an estimated return time when you are assigned your group
How to Capture a Sought-After Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group 1

What if the queue is filled and I don’t get a boarding group? If you don’t get a group at 7 am, no need to panic. Guests get another try at 1 pm. To be eligible for a 1 pm chance to join the queue, guests must either be inside Hollywood Studios park or have entered the park earlier in the day. Guests do not have to be inside Hollywood Studios to join the 1 pm queue, but they must have entered the park at some point earlier. Guests who have not yet entered Hollywood Studios will not be permitted to join a boarding group. The process to join at 1 pm is the exact same as 7 am.

How long do I have to get to the attraction once my group is called? Guests have 1 hour to return to the attraction queue once their group is called to return. The status of your group can be checked using the My Disney Experience App.

How to Capture a Sought-After Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group 2

What if I get a Backup Group? If you obtain a backup group, there is no guarantee you will ride that day but your chances are good. This attraction has new technology that sometimes breaks down. If the attraction happens to break down for a long period of time, your chances of riding with a backup group will go down. I can say personally that I have been in a backup group twice, and each time I’ve gotten to ride.

While this whole process may seem like a lot, it does alleviate the long waiting times we would see without a virtual queue. Many guests say that they have better luck when all other apps on their phones are shut down and they are not using Disney wifi. For me, using the world clock or timer has been very successful. May the force be with you!

How to Capture a Sought-After Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group 3

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