Pros and Cons of a Solo Trip to Walt Disney World

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When people think of Walt Disney World they think of families.  All the ads show moms, dads, grandparents, and children smiling and enjoying spending time together.  Marketing even targets groups such as youth groups, church groups, girlfriend getaways.  But there’s one type of trip to Walt Disney World that no one seems to talk about—solo trips! While it isn’t the most common type of vacation, solo travelers head to the Walt Disney World Resort every day.  If you are wondering what a solo trip would be like, let’s take a look at some pros and cons based on my experiences going solo.




  1. Freedom—The number one positive aspect of a solo trip is freedom. You have the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want.  No one begging you to ride Dumbo over and over and over again.  No need to find every restaurant that serves chicken nuggets and fries. Ride what YOU like, or ride nothing at all. See the shows YOU want to see. Grab lunch at Starbucks (remember, no one is there to judge!) and settle in somewhere to just take in the atmosphere and people watch.  You can run all over the park or just stroll leisurely to your favorite attractions.  Stop when you want to.  Change of plans? No biggie!  The only person you have to please is yourself!
  2. Stress free—It makes perfect sense after considering #1 that a solo trip to Walt Disney World is much less stressful! When the only person you have to worry about is yourself, there aren’t any arguments or meltdowns. Don’t feel like waking up early for rope drop? No worries! Want to sit poolside with a frosty beverage mid-day? Ok.  This type of trip is all relaxation and zero stress! Not what you’d expect from a Disney trip, huh?
  3. It’s all about you! —Are you having major Disney withdrawal? No need to wait for someone to go with you!  Just pack your bags and go! We’ve said it already but a solo trip means you call all the shots!  You are the star and in this scenario the world kind of DOES revolve around you!
  4. Short wait times—I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Solo travelers don’t wait very long for attractions.  I never really thought of this before my own solo trip but it all started with Fastpasses.  Turns out, it is much easier to get Fastpasses for a party of 1!  I was able to get every single thing I wanted! Another perk is using the single rider lines. Since you have no one to be separated from, there’s no need to waste time in the regular line.  The best surprise though was that I discovered they use solo travelers to fill in spots on rides quite often! I was called to front of line on Mission: Space, Space Mountain, Flight of Passage, and more! You know those seat fillers at the Academy Awards who get to sit next to VIPs?  This is better!
  5. Save money—Since you are only paying for one person, obviously, it is much less expensive than a family trip. Only one plane ticket, one park ticket, less food, fewer souvenirs. All around, you will spend less because you are only spending for one person. Of course, this could have an opposite effect since there’s no one there to tell you no when you see the latest Disney Dooney and feel you just need it in your life! Sidebar–Honey, if you are reading this, I am just speaking hypothetically of course.

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  1. Lonely—While it is nice to not have to worry about pleasing everyone or dealing with meltdowns, it can be lonely traveling solo. You don’t have anyone to talk to, ride with, eat with.  When something really cool happens, there’s no one to share it with.
  2. Awkward—You will strike up conversations with strangers on your solo trip. Inevitably, this can become awkward. This is especially true for introverts. It is also awkward when you repeatedly get asked why you are alone. It feels weird to eat alone as well, more so in table service restaurants than quick service. Besides, who watches the table if you need to go get something or go to the restroom?
  3. Decisions—There’s no one to help you make decisions. It’s all up to you.  I know that sometimes I like to defer to the family to decide what to do next or where to eat.  On a solo trip, it’s all up to you. Maybe it can be a little stressful after all?
  4. Pictures—This may not matter to some people but on a solo trip, you don’t have anyone to take your photograph! You can ask a stranger of course. But then comes the awkward, “Are you here by yourself?” interrogations.  Selfies are a thing so you can certainly do that, but not all of us are selfie pros. Just take a look at the evidence below.

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So, you see, there are pros and cons to a solo trip.  You may find that a solo day or a solo half day is more your speed.  It is definitely up to you and your personality. But if you get the chance, I encourage you to give it a try!  You will see things and do things you might not have if the family had been with you.  Besides, there won’t be any one there to stop you from eating Mickey Bars 3 times a day! Or from buying that new purse (shhh….don’t tell Honey!)

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