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What Happens If I Get Sick While On My Disney Cruise?

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When planning a Disney Cruise Line getaway, it helps to be prepared for every eventuality from planning out your days at sea with fun and festive Port Adventures to what happens if you get sick while on your cruise.  From motion sickness to seasonal flu to other viruses that can cause havoc to your best laid cruising plans, it’s always helpful to know what options you have available when setting sail with Disney.

There is a Health Center Located on Deck 1 Forward one each of the ships in Disney’s fleet.  If you are feeling unwell then don’t hesitate to pop by the medical center for assistance.  The Center is open during daily clinic hours which is typically 9:30 am – 11 am and then from 4:30 pm – 7:00 pm daily.  The facilities provide non-emergency medical care throughout your cruise.  The medic on board will provide complimentary seasickness medications (PLEASE NOTE: These must be taken before you are feeling sick) as well as minor first aid including bandages, and over-the-counter medications for minor ailments.

First Aid and over-the-counter medications can also be found on Deck 3 Midship- Many guests don’t know this but you can also pick up over-the-counter medication and basic first aid productions from the Guest Services desk on Deck 3.  Sometimes its much easier to swing by while you are making the rounds that to go down to the clinic.

You can call the Health Center from your stateroom – If you need medical assistance in a hurry you can ring the Medic using 7-3000 from any ship phone or 41-3000 from your Wave Phone.  For non-emergencies, call 7-1923 from any ship phone or 41-1923 from your Wave Phone.

Don’t be afraid to speak up!– If there’s one thing that Disney Cruise Line is world renowned for, it is impeccable customer service. Don’t ever be afraid to let a cast member know if you or someone in your group is feeling unwell.  Whether it’s providing you with some water and crackers to calm your tummy or making sure you have proper medical attention, you’re in an environment where you’ll be well looked after and supported by the crew! Seasickness and other illnesses are a common occurrence and Disney Crusie Line will always strive to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible but you have to speak up first!

Emergency medical services are available –  In the event of a medical emergency while onboard the ship, a doctor and nurse are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It should be noted that the medical personnel are employed by a company independent of Disney Cruise Line and that standard prevailing fees will be charged for services.  Fees incurred at the Health Center will appear on your stateroom account to be paid with your final balance as they are considered “care outside of the United States.” The Health Center will gladly provide guests with the paperwork needed to process claims through health insurance or travel insurance suppliers.  Guests should also note that in some instances, it may be necessary for a patient to disembark the ship and be transported to a nearby medical facility.

EpiPens are available for allergic reactions – If guests have your own EpiPen and you administer it while on board it is requested that you seek emergency medical attention immediately by dialling 7-3000 from a ship phone or 41-3000 from a Wave Phone.  If you forget your EpiPen but suffer from life-threatening food allergies you can get them on a case-by-case basis at the ship’s Health Center.

There is a First Aid Station at Castaway Cay – While spending the day on Disney’s private island Castaway Cay you will also find a First Aid Center near guest services.  It is clearly marked on the map you will be given before venturing to the island.  They will provide many of the same services found at your onboard clinic.

It pays to have Disney Cruise Lines Vacation Protection Plan – I get asked a lot about whether or not getting travel insurance on a Disney Cruise is worth it and my answer is always a resounding yes! Not only does the insurance protect you should you miss your cruise due to any unforeseen circumstances, it also provides you with extra medical peace-of-mind.  Under the policy currently offered by Disney, guests are covered for up to $10,000 toward medical treatment and hospitalization and up to $30,000 to cover emergency transport.  The cost of taking out insurance is 8% of the per person voyage fair and can be added to the total cost of your package at the time of booking right up unti your final payment is due. To find out more about Disney Cruise Line’s Vacation Protection Plan click here.

If you suffer from motion sickness come prepared- The best way to avoid any unexpected surprises especially if you are prone to motion sickness is to talk to your doctor prior to your cruise. They may be able to recommend a prescription or over the counter medication to take with you on your sailing as a precaution.  Most seasickness medication requires that you take it before symptoms of sickness occur. Therefore it is better to be proactive and take the necessary precautions.

We hope we’ve given you peace of mind when it comes to how well you’ll be looked after during your Disney Cruise and what steps to take should you end up feeling unwell.  In many cases guests find that their cruise is smooth sailing with no medical attention required but should illness occur you know what to do!

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