The Best Time To Go To Disney World in Every Season

When is the best time to go to disneyWhen is the Best Time to Go to Disney World? 

While we would argue that the best time to go to Disney world is any chance you can get, we here at Disney Addicts do feel that some times of the year are definitely better than others. Opinions vary wildly on this topic but we have found there’s something amazing about every season and that manageable crowds can be found in every season.

Flower and Garden 2018
Spring at Walt Disney World has a lot going for it, from fair weather to the beautiful Flower and Garden Festival; however, it does have one large drawback- spring break crowds. When to go in the spring largely depends on where Easter falls on the calendar. If Easter is early, mid to late May is wonderful! The weather is warm but not oppressively hot, the flowers are in bloom, the Flower and Garden Festival is in full swing and the crowds are moderate. If Easter is late, early to mid-March is your best bet. Winter crowds have tapered off and most people are waiting for swimming pool weather as opposed to the relatively temperate weather you’ll find during this time.


As a whole summer is the most crowded time of year. Schools are out and families are traveling during this time to avoid missing school during the rest of the year. That doesn’t mean summer is a total bust though. No, you’re not going to come home talking about how little you waited in line but you can avoid the bulk of the crowds if you know what you’re doing. Early to mid-June and mid to late August are going to be the best time for summer trips. School is still in session in much of the US in early June so family summertime vacationers haven’t yet begun arriving and the weather, while hot, doesn’t yet feel like you’re on the surface of the sun. Mid to late August is quite hot but most of the families that choose to visit during summer break already have come and gone.
Fall is my absolute favorite time of year at Walt Disney World. The Food and Wine Festival kicks off, Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party is going on, delicious Fall treats abound.  Temperature fall, and with them, the crowds taper off as well. The conventional advice used to be that October was the best month to go but that’s sadly not the case anymore. Fall breaks and Disney discounts have turned October into a decently busy month. September, after Labor Day, is my favorite time of year to go. I’m strategic in planning my Disney trips and this is when I personally return year after year. While it’s true there really isn’t an uncrowded time to go, with schools crowds are at some of the lowest points all year. September is still hot but manageable.

Christmastime Parade
There is something magical about Disney World in the Winter. At Christmastime, the parks are majestically decorated and afterward, the Festival of the Arts begins. Both are truly wonderous times to be at Disney World. Temperatures are their lowest all year, sometimes even requiring a light jacket. Don’t let that fool you though, I have been known to swim on New Years Day. The weather at this time of year truly is a mixed bag, but it is never miserable. If Christmas magic is what you’re longing for then late November-Early December is great! Crowds are manageable and the Parks are resplendent with holiday decorations. Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and Epcot’s International Festival if the Holidays are both creating extra magic during this time of year. If the lowest crowds are what you’re after February is your best bet. You’ll want to avoid Presidents Day weekend and the Marathon event but otherwise, it’s a perfect time to go.

No matter your seasonal preference, there is a “best time to go to Disney” and you’ll find something to love all year round.

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