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I never really had motion sickness until my second pregnancy, but it sure got serious after that. For all of those out there who suffer on any kind of spinny rides or tilt-a-whirls, then knowing which rides to avoid on your next Walt Disney World ride could save you a lot of suffering later on. Obviously everybody gets sick in a different way and different things, but I think some clue is better than no clue. Right?

So let’s go through what I would say avoid at all costs if you have motion sickness. *By the way, I don’t even GO to  Universal Studios anymore because almost every ride gives me horrible motion sickness*

Motion sickness is also exacerbated by dehydration and even from eating more greasy foods than usual, so make sure you stay hydrated and eat a salad every once in a while. Some folks also seem to respond to motion sickness medicines and others don’t so you might want to bring some just in case. I have found using Sea-Bands often helps as well.

5. Rise of the Resistance (Hollywood Studios): You’ll find that most of the rides that can really take you down to motion sickness town reside in Hollywood Studios. In my experience when something has 3D AND movement it’s going to be bad news! This is also a super LONG ride, so once you are on it will be 15 minutes until you get out. That’s a long time to feel nauseated.

4. Tower of Terror (Hollywood Studios): What goes up, must come down. And Up! and Down! And down again and then maybe back up before coming back down again. If you have a weak stomach then that means you’re probably going to lose it on this ride. It’s a hard pass for most of us!

3.  Flight of Passage (Animal Kingdom): I wanted to love Flight of Passage so much. I love the idea of feeling the banshee breathe and the wind in my face. I love Avatar. I do NOT love Flight of passage. The combination of the 3D and the movement of the banshee = disaster for my motion sickness.

2. Mad Tea Party (Magic Kingdom): The tea party has been making friends and families “sick as a dog” since 1955 as one fo the opening day attractions at Disneyland! So naturally, you can get just as sick on the same one in Walt Disney World. You can spin while it spins, sooo… yeah avoid.

1. Star Tours (Hollywood Studios): 4D is not your friend. Say it with me, 4D is NOT my friend. If it has 3D glasses and it moves around you’re not going to feel well. Star Tours doesn’t just move it JERKS, suddenly, up, down and all around So that means it’s a motion sickness disaster in the making.

***The AGREED UPON WORST OF THE WORST is Mission Space – Orange (Epcot). It’s literally so bad that it can’t even have a number! Many people are able to tolerate the green version of this ride, but Orange is a NO GO for anyone with an inner ear or motion sickness issues. Seriously, don’t even think about it. It will ruin your day!

Ok, so that’s my top 5 (6 really!!) I hope this helps you in your planning and that you have an amazing trip!


5 Worst Disney World Rides for Motion Sickness 1

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  1. The only time I ever got sick on a ride was in 5th grade and my appendix exploded the next morning until: ……. Mission Space – Orange (Epcot). I was so sick after this ride didn’t help I got busy that morning and forgot all my medications including blood pressure. I wasn’t spinning it felt like I couldn’t get a deep breath. About an hour at first aide in the AC and motion sickness medicine and I was fine. But never again.

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