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Can I Pre-Pay Gratuities For My Disney Cruise?

Question:  Can I Pre-Pay Gratuities For My Disney Cruise?

Answer:  YES!  And this makes life so much easier and one less thing to worry about while you are on board.  Tipping is certainly one of those topics that confuses a lot of guests and it’s customary to tip certain positions on any cruise ship.  This includes your server, assistant server, head server and stateroom host or hostess.  While tipping is not mandatory, you are likely to encounter the best service you have ever received and you will surprisingly want to tip.  Others on the ship that you may consider tipping include room service and kids club staff.  You are able to leave tips in cash or add them to your stateroom account.  Personally, I think the recommended amount for the  pre-pay is very reasonable and is what I would normally tip anyway, so I like to get it out-of-the-way when I can!

When you pre-pay your gratuities, you will receive tickets with the gratuity for each member of your Disney Cruise Line team of servers and room hosts while on board.  You can give these tickets to the crew members on the last night.  The breakdown for pre-paying gratuities (per guest) is $12/night.

For convenience, a 15% gratuity is automatically added to bar, beverage, wine and deck service tabs.  If you do charge gratuities back to your stateroom, along with other things onboard, be sure to settle up your stateroom account at Guest Services before you leave.

What has your experience been with tipping on-board the Disney Cruise Line?  Do you like to pre-pay or pay as you go?

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