What You Need to Know: A Guide to getting a Boarding Group for Rise of the Resistance

20191204 080025
20191204 080025

What You Need to Know: A Guide to getting a Boarding Group for Rise of the Resistance 1

Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is now home to the hottest new attraction in the galaxy. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance has been blowing guests away since its opening day on December 5, 2019. Thousands of guests are hoping for a chance to experience this attraction every day, and to avoid long standby lines, Disney has implemented a brand new system to accommodate everyone. With new systems, comes confusion and many questions. I have now been through this process successfully twice, and I am here to share everything I’ve learned about the process. Here is my guide to getting a Boarding Pass for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. I will not include any spoilers!

What You Need to Know: A Guide to getting a Boarding Group for Rise of the Resistance 2

What is a Boarding Group? A Boarding Group is a virtual queue that can be joined exclusively on the My Disney Experience App. Boarding groups only become available at park opening and have been filling to capacity for the day within MINUTES. There are currently no Fast Passes for this attraction and no standby line. The only way to ride this attraction is by joining a Boarding Group.

When can I join a boarding group? Boarding groups can only be joined once the park is officially opened. Take note that YOUR ENTIRE PARTY must be successfully scanned into the park in order to join the same boarding group and be together. You will want to add all members of your party to your My Disney Experience App ahead of time so that you will all be in the same boarding group. I recommend getting to the park at LEAST 45 minutes prior to opening to give your party enough time to make it through bag check and entrance. Of course, you can always arrive extra early if you’d like to rope-drop another attraction and beat the crowds. However, those arriving and scanned into the park 10 minutes prior to opening will have the exact same chance at a boarding group as those arriving 3 hours before opening. I would recommend taking the first bus leaving in the morning from your Disney Resort Hotel if you are taking Disney Transportation. Busses generally start running 45 minutes before park opening. This can definitely be a hit or miss opportunity, so you will absolutely want to make sure you and your party are at the park, scanned in and ready to join a group immediately at park opening. You may also utilize Uber, Lyft or Minnie Van services to ensure an early arrival, especially if you are attending during peak attendance time.

What You Need to Know: A Guide to getting a Boarding Group for Rise of the Resistance 3

How do I join a boarding group? Hollywood Studios Cast Members have been letting guests in the park about 30 minutes before official park opening. Once inside the park, Cast Members will hold you in certain areas until the park is officially open. At this time, have your phone out and the My Disney Experience App ready. It may be helpful to turn your guest wifi off and use cellular data. When you open up your My Disney Experience App, you will see “Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance-Access by Boarding Group” and below it a button that reads “Find Out More”. You will click on “Find Out More” and come to another screen with buttons that read “My Status” and “Join Boarding Group”. You will not be able to click on “Join Boarding Group” until the groups become available at park opening. As soon as you hear the opening announcement and the “Join Boarding Group” button changes color, you may click on it and join a group. This may take several seconds or minutes and may take multiple tries. Once you have obtained a boarding group you will see a screen that reads “Astromech droid deployed.” Your group number will be displayed below. You will see the disclaimer that a boarding group does not guarantee entry to Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

What You Need to Know: A Guide to getting a Boarding Group for Rise of the Resistance 4

I have a Boarding Group! Now what? Once you have obtained that coveted Boarding Group you can track your status and see what groups are currently being called by using the My Disney Experience App and clicking on “My Status”. You will receive a pop-up notification when your Boarding Group has been called. After your group has been called, you will have one hour to make your way to the entrance of the line queue in Galaxy’s Edge. If you have a “back up group”, you are not guaranteed to be called that day, it will really depend on how the attraction is operating and how many breakdowns the attraction is experiencing. If the attraction breaks down while you are in the queue (or on the attraction), Cast Members will do everything they can to accommodate you, including issuing you a paper pass to return to the attraction after it is up and running. The paper pass will be accepted for up to 7 days and in addition to the paper pass, you should be given a digital “Multiple Experience” pass on the My Disney Experience App. This attraction is new and very cutting edge, and some of the kinks are still being worked out.  Be prepared for a few breakdowns throughout the day which could result in periods of time where boarding groups are at a standstill or not moving very fast.

What You Need to Know: A Guide to getting a Boarding Group for Rise of the Resistance 5

A quick recap:

  • Be in the park with your entire party before official park opening
  • Have the My Disney Experience App ready to go with all members of your party added (wifi turned off in a spot with full signal)
  • Click “Join Boarding Group” immediately at park opening
  • Wait for the pop-up notification that your group is boarding
  • Head to the queue entrance in Galaxy’s Edge within one hour of group boarding notification
  • Scan your band or card and enter the queue
  • Enjoy the attraction

May the force with you galactic travelers!






What You Need to Know: A Guide to getting a Boarding Group for Rise of the Resistance 6

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