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The Fox and the Hound does not get as much credit as it deserves. There. I said it. This movie is equal parts lovely, heartbreaking, emotional, and way ahead of its time. A movie talking about real, deep issues that show you that life can be complicated and beautiful at the same time. Aside from it being one of the best Disney films to come out in the 1980’s – there is plenty more to learn about The Fox and the Hound.

  1. A Familiar Snarl
    • Recognize that snarl? The Bear in The Fox and the Hound may sound familiar to some of the more impressive Disney addicts. It is the same snarl used for Brutus and Nero in The Rescuers as well as the magnificent Shere Kahn in The Jungle Book.
  2. No Coincidence
    • The subject matter of this film and the time in which it was released was no coincidence. John Musker is quoted saying that The Fox and the Hound “makes a statement about racial prejudice, I think, and trying to overcome that.”. Who can forget the iconic scene of Copper standing between Todd and a shotgun?
  3. Famous and Behind the Scenes
    • They may not have been famous men back then but this film is noted for helping build the creativity of “Ron Clements, John Musker, Tim Burton, Glen Keane, Brad Bird, John Lasseter, and Chris Buck” – as noted by D23. Tim Burton was noted to have worked on the animation of Vixey – but was not in the credits.
  4. What’s in a Name?
    • Todd — comes from the Middle English “todde” – which means Fox. His partner, Vixey’s name comes from the word Vixen, which is a female fox.
  5. Kurt and Corey’s Copper
    • Though this fact is common – a lot of people are surprised to see Kurt Russell’s voice associated with Copper (pictured above). If the younger voice sounds familiar, that maybe because it was Corey Feldmans! As for Todd, Keith Coogan (grandson of Jackie Coogan) voiced the young Todd whilst the beloved Mickey Rooney gave his talents to adult Todd.
  6. What Bear is Best
    • The Bear in the Fox and the Hound is black in color, yet drawn as a Grizzly. This may have been an artistic choice to enhance ferocity but people looking for answers have to be happy with an unconfirmed answer of “Melanistic Grizzly Bear”.
  7. Best of Friends
    • The relationship between Todd and Copper was really developed due to the relationship of Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston. If those names sound familiar – it might be because they were 2 of the “Nine Old Men” team. According to D23, their friendship made the onscreen friendship all the more special.

There is so much to uncover with this brilliant Disney classic. Whether this movie is your favorite Disney film, an enjoyable watch, or one that is still on your Disney watch list, go into it with these fun facts and enjoy everything that this understated masterpiece has to offer. Be sure to bring a snack and a box of tissues. Actually, make that two boxes of tissues.


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7 Facts about The Fox and the Hound 2

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