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Can I Use My Starbucks Gift Cards at Walt Disney World?

Coffee lovers rejoice – as the answer to “Can I use my Starbucks Gift Cards at Walt Disney World?” Is YES! You sure can use those coffee gift cards at the WDW Starbucks locations. Additionally – you can also use Disney gift cards at the WDW Starbucks locations – which is great news too!

Here’s some more info on how Disney Starbucks works:

-Rewards: if you utilize the Starbucks app with its rewards system, you can only redeem the rewards and free drinks earned via the Rewards program at the two Disney Springs Starbucks locations. However – you can use the app for payment at all of the WDW Starbucks, and you can earn Stars in the Rewards program on your purchases, too

-Starbucks & The DDP: Most Starbucks drinks are considered a snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan, so even if you don’t have any Rewards or Starbucks gift cards to use – you can still grab your favorite Venti latte to fuel you for your Disney Day

-Hybrid Menu Offerings: Each Starbucks location at WDW serves up all the classic drinks and bakery items we have come to know and love from our local Starbucks at home, but they also all have a bit more to offer too – each spot also offers Disney pastries and Mickey Shaped treats, and they all also sell unique Disney Starbucks merchandise – specifically some awesome You Are Here mugs.

So basically, going to Starbucks in Disney World is like taking the awesomeness of Starbucks and adding in that Disney Magic that we all know and love – a winning combination for sure!

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