Top Disney Themed Travel Accessories For Kids (And Adults, Too!)


Top Disney Themed Travel Accessories For Kids (And Adults, Too!) 1

If you’re like me and have to travel a LONGGGG way to get to Walt Disney World, then you know that this process takes a lot of planning and effort to make it as stress-free and comfortable for everyone involved. One way I like to prepare for the long journey to Disney is by buying some fun travel must-haves. Read on for my top Disney travel accessories for the little ones (and the not so little ones too!):

The Perfect Carry-On: My family will be flying when we head to Disney World this fall, so that means the amount of stuff we take limited by what the airlines allow. For us, that means one carry-on a piece – so my theory is, why not make it something SUPER cute

Top Disney Themed Travel Accessories For Kids (And Adults, Too!) 2

For Adults: It’s hard to find a decent carry-on – at least for me – as I feel like it has to do so much – be big enough to carry all I need (but not TOO big as to not fit under the airplane seat), be comfortable/easy to tote around, and be stylish….these are hard shoes to fill! But this Disney World Collegiate Style Backpack manages to check all the boxes – big, cute, and easy to carry – not to mention it’s unisex, so my husband and I can take turns carrying it without feeling like we are carrying some super masculine or super feminine bag. Oh – and I also love this Marvel Comics Backpack too – the design is amazing

Top Disney Themed Travel Accessories For Kids (And Adults, Too!) 3

For Kids: A Disney backpack featuring their favorite character would be perfect for them to carry their snacks, crayons, and water bottle in, don’t you think? I bought my son This Mickey Ears One, but there are some great options for older kids available too – like this Two pack of drawstring Mickey backpacks

Keeping Busy While Traveling: Whether you’re driving, flying, or taking a train or bus – there is a LOT of downtime involved in the traveling process. So be sure you bring something to keep the little ones (and yourself!) entertained:

Top Disney Themed Travel Accessories For Kids (And Adults, Too!) 4

For Adults: I like to stock up on some magazines whenever I travel, but I also like to grab a few new books to read, too! And since you’re headed to Walt Disney World – why not bring along a Disney Guide Book to educate and entertain yourself all at once? Personally – I LOVE the Unofficial Guide To Walt Disney World – it’s a BEAST of a book that is SO DETAILED – and that is why I love it so much. But – if you’re looking for something a little lighter (and shorter than 850+ pages) – you should check out the Birnbaum’s Version – at half the length, this still packs a ton of info into it’s colorful pages, and bonus – it is the “official” Disney guidebook (so you know it’s as accurate as can be!)

Top Disney Themed Travel Accessories For Kids (And Adults, Too!) 5

For Kids: Trying to keep a toddler or younger child busy while on an airplane can be tricky – so I like to stuff his backpack with tons of fun little toys/distractions – mess free markers and paper (the Crayola Color Wonder are a lifesaver! But anything similar to an Aqua doodle or something like that would work, too!), and sticker scenes and little Lego sets, then there’s these awesome Magnetic Tins that have different scenes and characters for make-believe fun. I have seen them in different characters too – Mickey, Disney Princesses, Cars, etc – and they won’t take up much room, either

Neck Comfort For All:

Top Disney Themed Travel Accessories For Kids (And Adults, Too!) 6

For Adults: I always used to see people in the airport with their neck pillows peeking out of their suitcases and I would think “wow that’s dumb – what a waste of space on something no one ever needs” – until I used one. Now – I am a believer – NECK PILLOWS FOR ALL! Seriously though – what a great travel accessory – because at some point, we will all fall asleep in the car/on the plane/train – and having that neck support could save us all some real pain when we wake up. Now – I know this one is not Disney themed – but it is so amazing that I will allow it just this ONCE – This Travel Pillow supports the neck, chin and head – and is truly a must-have when you’re traveling that longgggg road to Disney

Top Disney Themed Travel Accessories For Kids (And Adults, Too!) 7

For Kids: Best to buy the kids a travel pillow of their own ahead of time – or else you will likely be forced to relinquish yours – or spend wayyyy too much money on another one at the Airport – so be smart, plan ahead and get them one, too. I personally am lucky enough to have a mother in law who can sew and is making my son a super cute Mickey one (if you’re into sewing – check out Pinterest as there are tons of patterns for them on there!) – but if you are not as crafty, you can still buy super awesome ones online – like this Minnie One

Some other things you might want to consider are: Disney Luggage Tags, Disney Water Bottles, Disney Wet Bags, and well – let’s be real – Disney makes everything now – I even saw someone post something about Disney Ziploc baggies – so – just head out to your local dollar store or Walmart or check out Amazon and see what you can find!

Stock up on these awesome Disney-themed travel accessories and everyone will know exactly where you’re headed as you pass them in the airport (and they will probably be jealous too – as who wouldn’t want to be heading to the Happiest Place On Earth?!)

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Top Disney Themed Travel Accessories For Kids (And Adults, Too!) 8

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