What To Do if You Get Sick At Disney

Getting Sick

With the growing concerns recently about the Coronavirus spreading throughout the world, Disney has taken some seriously cautious measures, including closing down two of their parks in Asia. They are also ramping up their safety measures at all of their other parks as well. This included hand sanitizer stations, as well as new portable handwashing stations. They are increasing their cleaning procedures and keeping a close eye on things concerning the virus. This may make you wonder what would happen if I got sick on a Disney Vacation? Would you know what to do if you get sick or injured at Disney? I’m talking even beyond the coronavirus too, in general, you should know a few things if you plan to go on a Disney vacation. It is always wise to be prepared so you would know how to handle a medical situation.

Before your trip plan on bringing a few essentials. First, a rule of thumb for me, any time I travel, I load up on some airborne to help my immune system be able to fight off any germs I may come in contact with. Also, bring hand sanitizer. Wash your hands frequently and always before meals. I bring disinfecting wipes on my flights and wipe down my seat area and especially that tray table on the plane. Pack any necessary medications, also a little supply of medications you may need if you were to fall ill would be a good thing to have on hand till you can get what you need. A small first aid kit is always a good thing to have with you too.

So I have been on the other side of this. I have had a major illness happen while coming for a Disney vacation. I never actually made it to Disney. By the time I got off the airplane, I fell so ill. It was straight to the hospital for me, and I found out I had spinal meningitis and almost didn’t survive that whole ordeal. So I understand messed up vacation plans fully.  But if you are sick, you are sick. I couldn’t risk getting everyone else sick, luckily I didn’t have the contagious kind but still if I had not sought medical attention, well I wouldn’t be writing this right now. It was a scramble, to find out where to go where my insurance was accepted. Trying to figure out new arrangments because I was hospitalized for a while down here. There is a lot to figure out and when you are sick it is not the time to be trying to figure that out, so have a plan of action. Note to self travelers insurance is a wise thing to get.

Before your trip know what hospital is close by and if your insurance is accepted there. I will recommend Celebration Hospital. They are minutes from Disney and a reputable hospital and handle a lot of Disney travelers. They will try to get you better and back on your vacation if you are able.

Get Sick

You might be wondering what if I get sick in a Disney Park? What do I do? Where can I seek medical attention? Every park had a first aid center, usually located near the baby care centers. In Magic Kingdom, it is just past Caseys Corner before Crystal Palace. Animal Kingdom it is just past the entrance for Pandora right after the Starbucks. Hollywood Studios it is to the left of the entrance next to guest relations. In Epcot, it is next to the baby care center that is in between Test Track and Mexico. Blizzard beach it is next to Lottawatta Lodge Restaurant. Typhoon Lagoon it is next to the Leaning Palms Restaurant.

These centers always have a certified nurse there able to handle basic first aid needs and provide a dose of over the counter type medication if needed. Or they can help you seek emergency care if needed.  There are over the counter medications in the center available for purchase if you need.

What if you get sick at your Disney hotel. Call the front desk which is manned 24 hours. You can ask to speak with a medical Concierge who can help walk you through your individual need. They have in-room medical services available to you. They can help assist you with emergency care or help you get a ride to the local hospital. Guest service can also assist you with meals and linens you may need to help you.

In addition, Disney has a reputable pharmacy they have worked with, Turners Drugs Tourist Prescription service is available to assist you with getting your medications. 407.828.8125 is their number. They only accept credit or cash, but you can always submit it to your insurance after.

First Aid

If you require urgent care Disney partners with Florida Hospital Centra Care Urgent Care. It is right near Disney Springs and Disney will even arrange a free ride for you. Their number is 407-934-2273. They are open from 8 am-12 am Monday-Friday and on the weekends from 8:00 am – 8 pm. They do accept a wide range of insurances too.

Always in an absolute emergency call 911. But also notify a cast member asap so they can try to help get the assistance to you as quickly as possible. And if you know you are sick and possibly contagious, please be courteous to others and stay in your room and watch some Disney movies order room service and try not to infect all of Disney. If you think you may have the Coronavirus self isolate and contact a cast member immediately. Check back with Disney Addicts for more planning tips.

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Jenna-Lee Languirand